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Cupid's Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships Zing Cupid S Arrow Skewers A Primitive Part Of The Brain Obediently, We Fall In Love Amid Showers Of Passionate Fireworks, Bond For A Time And Then Often Get Fed Up With Each Other And Grow Irritable Or Numb Perhaps We Try To Remodel Our Mate, Seek Solace Online, Or Pursue A New Love Interest Ancient Sages Recognized This Biological Snare And Hinted At A Way To Dodge It Use Lovemaking To Balance One Anotherandharmony Arises Naturally With An Entertaining Blend Of Personal Experiences, The Latest Neuroscience, And Forgotten Insights From Around The Globe, Cupid S Poisoned Arrow Confronts Current Assumptions About Sex And Love And Offers A Refreshing, Practical Approach To Sexuality From The Trade Paperback Edition.

10 thoughts on “Cupid's Poisoned Arrow: From Habit to Harmony in Sexual Relationships

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    I don t know how many people will buy into the idea that orgasm is bad for you I certainly have always enjoyed my own and I am, for the most part, happily married for going on 28 years Howev

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    Okay so, this book is very repetitious VERY For the need for editing to cut the book by 2 3 , I would give this book a star or two BUT for the ideas, I would give it five stars So, despite the drasti

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    For those who simply want the science, first read the How Do I Explain This Book To My Friends A Synopsis Of Key Ideas section at the end of the book, then begin reading at chapter 4.

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    ILL I keep dreading reading this to do an adequate review Next time just do one chapter.Read the Goodreads description of this book It was probably written by the author This book does NOT have the newest neuroscience

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    What I like so farGood argument, but no solid conclusionTo be clear, there are no actual studies that Karezza in and of itself saves marriages, or rebuilds lost passion in a relationship However, the reason why this book is ve

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    I m very ambivalent about giving this book 4 stars, because of the many instances where the author misrepresents or cherry picks scientific studies to support her thesis For reference, I am currently a working neuroscientist but in my

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    This book offers insight into the neurochemical changes that take place during various stages of romantic relationships encounters As a person who likes to learn about mind body connections, it was really interesting for me to learn about how t

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    Nice book that directly rather than wishy washy and ethereally discusses the Taoist lovemaking the physical ramifications of orgasm based sex and channeling energy between partners Very practical with sound examples Through reading this book, I m FINALL

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    Could having too much sex be ruining your relationship Yup, turns out it can This book dives into why we do what we do, and how we can use the different parts of our brain to not only have fulfilling relationships, but be happier in general.I d recommend this b

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    A really interesting perspective on the biological, neurological and psychological consequences of orgasm Thoroughly engrossing, the facts and research as well as the ancient wisdom tidbits spread throughout really make the book fun to read It gives a lot of insight into

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