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Scientific Paranormal Investigation What Is It Like To Travel The World Investigating The Paranormal To Not Just Sit Back And Wonder About The World S Famous Unexplained Mysteries, But Actually Go Out And Solve Them To Investigate Haunted Houses, Searching For Evidence Of Ghosts And Spirits To Search The World S Lakes For Giant, Fearsome Monsters To Investigate And Create The Mysterious Phenomena Of Crop Circles To Talk To People Who Speak To The Dead, Solve Crimes For Police, Or Use ESP Scientific Paranormal Investigation Is The First Book To Give The Public An Inside Look At The Life, Methods, And Work Of A Real Life Scientific Paranormal Investigator Author Benjamin Radford Has Investigated Unexplained Phenomena For Over A Decade, Not Just Read Or Written About Them, But Actually Gone Out To See What S There Unlike Most Other Books And Reality TV Shows On The Supernatural Or Paranormal, Radford Strictly Adheres To Scientific Methods In A Nutshell, Scientific Paranormal Investigation Is The Equivalent Of The X Files Meets CSI Crime Scene Investigations Applying Scientific Methods And Principles To Real Life Mysteries, And Coming Up With Explanations When It Seems None Are Possible Whether The Subject Is A Crime Scene Or A Haunted House, The Questions Are The Same What Did Eyewitnesses See What Does The Evidence Show If The Paranormal Ghosts, Psychics, Or Bigfoot Really Exist, There Should Be Valid Scientific Evidence For Them Scientific Paranormal Investigation Draws From Dozens Of Cases And Mysteries, Explaining Step By Step The Science Based Methods Radford Used To Solve Them This is a great book for those of us who enjoy those ghost hunting or monster hunting TV shows but get frustrated at the silly ways the hunters approach the mysteries Radford gives a good overview of how to conduct truly scientific investigat Author Benjamin Radford obviously enjoys his work and enjoys telling his success stories In many ways, he is thorough and scientific, such as when he investigates lake monster sightings or crop circles, and the claims of showman type psychic who do tricks on TV He does good detective work on ghosts as well, though I m not sure he has proven they don t exist, only that the methods of most investigators are poor and that the ghosts he has investigated don t exist.He falls short in his investigation of a psychic detective who was consulted by police All the information she came up with was correct, but it was not as specific as she and others said it was when asked about it long after the event Thus he shows the fallibility of memory over time, but not that she was initially incorrect Her information given at the time of the crime less detailed than that which was misremembered years later was not specific enough that the police could have found the killer using it, but it was detailed enough that claiming she got it right by chance A DisappointmentI was hoping that somewhere in this work there would be a direct critique of the modern technological ghost hunting methods Unfortunately the author doesn t seem to feel the need to give than a superficial these methods don t amount to hard proof I would love to see it addressed somewhere what these various meters are meant to be measuring and why anyone thinks these readings relate to paranormal The paranormal, simply defined, are experiences and happenings that don t seem to have a natural, material world explanation That s the definition I m working with Everything from UFOs to lake monsters to ghosts to psychics to the like fall into this category Benjamin Radford s book, SCIENTIFIC PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION is an excellent starter if you want to go beyond reading the stories from your armchair and get out into the field Or, at least, do the work necessary to solve these things.The point of the book is that using the scientific method along with understanding human psychology are your best tools Also understanding how to do proper research, when something isn t scientific evidence like anecdotal evidence or eye witness testimony , how a camera might be the cause of a photographic mystery, how the human being is easily tricked or mislead, etc Logical fallacies are addressed, what makes up the best investigator s tool kit, and never go into a case assuming you already know the outcome Always, always follow the evidence.Radford ri

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