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Vegan Freak Curious About Veganism Want To Be A Vegan Already A Vegan Just Wondering How To Be Vegan Without Going Insane In This Informative And Practical Guide On Veganism, Team Torres Helps You Love Your Inner Vegan Freak Loaded With Tips, Advice, Stories, And Comprehensive Lists Of Resources That No Vegan Should Live Without, This Book Is Key To Helping You Thrive As A Happy, Healthy, And Sane Vegan In A Decidedly Non Vegan World Witty, Opinionated, And Eminently Useful.

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    I loved this book I am a vegan, mostly for animal suffering reasons, as are the authors In my opinion, this is the best support book for vegans out there also see Living Among Meat Eaters by Carol Adams I do have to admit, I felt angry at times during the reading of this book In my opinion, it kind of encourages outrage So, for those a

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    I am Vegan for health reasons first, animal cruelty secondly But I wanted some advice on how to approach my family friends about why I did this, and what it means, etc So I picked up the book I found alot of the advice helpful but the preachiness holier than thou attitude of the first half of the book got old quick I would have preferred the boo

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    I also really did not care for this book The section on making your cats vegan just blew me away As a vegan AND a student of veterinary medicine, I can tell you that cats are true carnivores that quickly...

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    I fucking loved this book period.

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    Some of the information is good, but I didn t particularly enjoy the snobbish, holier than thou attitudes of the authors I think this book would turn omnivores and even vegetarians off to the idea of veganism based on the authors communication style The book is just not all that well written.

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    So far so bad I don t like the first chapter I tried to read it but skipped over I feel as though they are angry I am vegan, I do it for myself and for the animals, but I do not push it on anyone else I have encountered the same prejudices, but it has not made me hate people I h...

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    As someone who is trying to transition to a vegan lifestyle, I found the advice in this book to be somewhat condescending It totally trashed lacto ovo vegetarians as well as vegans who cheat every once in a while I think the draconian message of this book is likely to discourage people who are on the verge of becoming vegan, rather than encourage them to take the steps necessary to complete the

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    Poorly argued ranting but no logic And with a great deal of inexplicable animosity towards vegetarians This books seemed written by and for a small coterie of vegans that are less interested in making the world a better place andinterested in maintaining the purity of what they think the word vegan should mean If you re interested in the health benefits of a plant based diet, read The China Study If you

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    The best advice book for people who want to go and stay vegan about dealing with all the non vegan bullshit they will inevitably encounter from other people The most helpful piece of advice is these three words MEEK VEGANS SUFFER This book will teach you to be a strong vegan and not compromise your animal rights ethics just to fit in to the dominator culture, which is full of people who are always looking for an e

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    I was honestly not expecting much from this book, but it turned out to be an incredible resource, even though I assumed I already knew a lot about veganism being a vegan for several months and having a seasoned vegan boyfriend This book goes over a lot of really practical issues that vegans deal with quite regularly The tireless prodding from friends, family and co workers about what do you EAT and how to deal with them tac

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