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Why Can't You Read My Mind? Overcoming the 9 Toxic Thought Patterns that Get in the Way of a Loving Relationship This book uses the principles of cognitive therapy to help you turn off your toxic thinking The author proposes that if you thought your way out of love than you can think your way back in Like most of the relationship books I have read the solution starts with you You cannot change your partner, only yourself You have to accept your responsibility for the problems and you are the only one who can fix them You can t expect your partner to make you happy by being able to read your mind If you can t accept your part then the book won t work If you are willing to take responsibility then there is a lot of helpful ideas in it even though most seem to be common sense I found the fighting fair section especially helpful If you are in a mentally or physically abuse relationship then this book is not going to fix anything The book requires a lot of effort and conscience work to stop the cycle of toxic thinking The book would probably be the most helpful if both partners are willing to read it but it is still worthwhile to read even if only one person wants to change. Most People Think That Poor Communication Is The Reason Why So Many Relationships End, But It S Actually The Way We Learn To Think About Our Partners And Our Problems That Kills Trust, Erodes Intimacy, And Cripples Communication In Why Can T You Read My Mind , Psychologist Jeffrey Bernstein Reveals For The First Time The Nine Toxic Thought Patterns At Work In Virtually Every Relationship, And Shows Couples How These Distorted, Negative, Exaggerated Thoughts Can Poison Their Love And End Their Union With Warmth And Wisdom, Bernstein Offers A Simple Yet Powerful Approach For Breaking The Toxic Thinking Cycle And Helps Readers Establish New And Positive Thinking Habits For Solving Their Problems And Dealing With The Stresses Of Everyday Life Packed With Practical Advice And Valuable Insights, Why Can T You Read My Mind Makes It Possible For Couples To Remain In Or Return To Loving Relationships Permanently, And Points The Way Toward Finding A Truer Kind Of Love With One Another For The First Time Perfect For Couples Wanting To Maintain Their Loving Relationship As Well As For Those Working To Restore Their Love, This Book Provides The Missing Link, Enabling Couples To Beat The Relationship Odds And Sustain A Long Term Relationship. My goal find a good book about communication in relationships There are endless books about communication and endless books about relationship, and most of them are written for an audience whose standard reading fare is magazine articles I chose Why Can t You Read My Mind Overcoming the 9 Toxic Thought Patterns that Get in the Way of a Loving Relationship by Jeffrey Bernstein and Susan Magee because it was both relatively well rated and available at my library My rating 2 5 Why Can t You Read my Mindmay be good for what it is, but what it is is not what I am looking for It has some good tips, but this is than countered by the authors barely implicit assumption that the only people reading this book are those on the brink of ending their relationship Those of us who just want to learn concrete techniques for strengthening communication in our most important relationship are left feeling like we walked into someplace we don t belong.If you can get past the fact that this book is written for magazine reading divorce candidates, it does provide a good number of concrete tips for improving communication in relationships. Offered some helpful tips well suited to anyone who finds themselves being occasionally irrationally negative in relationships I m glad I read it We ll see if I can put Mr Bernstein s methods into practice.. Another self helpy type book that I began a long time ago and just ended now It s main worthwhile point in my opinion is the concept of Toxic Thoughts Your thoughts can get you into trouble, however, when the negative ones stop being occasional and become frequent, habit like, unrealistic, intense, and distorted When that happens, you re experiencing toxic thinking By controlling our toxic thinking, we can control our feelings As I am discovering by the number of self helpy type books that I started a long time ago and am only now finishing, is that most of them really only need to be half size to teach the main components I guess they would be harder to take seriously if they were only 100 pages, but really the gist of the book tends to be in the first 100 pages and the rest a bit of a snooze fest.Still, if you are dealing with someone who frequently practices toxic thoughts this book and may be helpful. This book allowed me to see myself in a relationship and understand the thoughts I were having were sabotaging my own happiness Regardless of the relationship this book will help anyone looking for answers from their partner.when their partner isn t talking. My husband of 28 years is very interested in why I m reading this book. People have misunderstood one another since the beginning of time and, if the self help genre is any indication, they continue to do so Bernstein, a Philadelphia based psychologist, describes toxic thought patterns that can damage even the healthiest relationships readers will be reminded of those found in Clinton McLe s Toxic Relationships and How to Change Them Health and Holiness in Everyday Life , He presents the MAP plan Mindfulness, Alternatives, Practice as the antidote to tendencies like labeling and blaming he also offers techniques and activities for increasing intimacy, like making little things count To boot, Bernstein clearly and conversationally discusses relationships in general, making good use of explanatory material and examples While our partners really can t read our minds, this book does offer hope and, refreshingly, it throws in the occasional alternative lifestyle couple Like John Gottman s popular The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work A Practical Guide from the Country s Foremost Relationship Expertand Willard F Harley Jr s His Needs, Her Needs for Parents Keeping Romance Alive, this is appropriate for most.Find reviews of books for men at Books for Dudes, Books for Dudes, the online reader s advisory column for men from Library Journal Copyright Library Journal.

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