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Colony Lifetimes Ago, The Generation Ship Willflower Set Out, Manned By The Cream Of Humanity, On A Mission To Colonize The Stars But By The 10th Generation, Things Are Starting To Go Badly Wrong The Only Man Who Can Save The Ship Is Astrophysical Dr Piers Morton Only He S Not An Astrophysical Engineer, He S Not A Doctor, He S Not Even Piers Morgan, And All That Remains Of His Body Is His Head, His Spinal Column And Absolutely Nothing Else Better Yet, Somebody On Board Is Trying To Kill What S Left Of Him

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    Eddie O Hare, perennial loser, switches places with C.P Gordon, a genius level social scientist, and embarks on a voyage to the stars aboard the Willflower, a colony ship designed to take the cream of the crop on an extended voyage to another world Eddie ends up in deep freeze and awakens ten genera

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    Starts rather well and remarkably relevent would have liked Mr Grant to develop the theme ratherAlso needs a few hundredpages

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    This book was read as light relief following a few heavier novels and as such it worked for me Not as funny as I would have hoped, but certainly entertaining enough and with an interesting sci fi concept plot The ending felt a little rushed and left me wanting a littleclosure What Grant and Naylor did well in Red Dwarf

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    I found this book frustratingly uneven Loved how I was drawn into the story within the first few pages in a fashion reminiscent of a classic Heinlein opening But just as the story had gained some momentum, it suddenly went off the rails morphing into a poor approximation of a Douglas Adams novel.I have a feeling that with a good

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    WOW CLEVER VERY CLEVER After being a red dwarf fan, I was nervous about reading this with too much expectation but to my suprise it was fantastic Clever idea and i didn t expect that ending Couldn t help but think that eddie was asking for it Well done Rob Grant, I am looking forward to purchasingof his books in the future.

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    Darkly funny or just very British humour take your pick It started off slow reading plus for about a month I couldn t find the book but it grows on you and it is indeed very very very funny Simply put, fans of Red Dwarf or any other Sci Fi Comedy will love it.

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    Great book in the vein of Red Dwarf Just as funny and keeps you guessing Characters aren t perhaps as likeable as the Red Dwarf crew, but this is far from a rehash of Red Dwarf so I m going to stop harping on about it Interesting twist at the end too If there isn t a sequal, there should be.

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    funniest book i have ever read i love the character worrying about their green gloop kept me up literally all night to finish it

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    3.75 starsQuick read, overall really enjoyed the plot and world building Wasn t sure I was going to like Eddie at the beginning, but he definitely grew on me throughout the book However, without a doubt, Apton Styx and all the Styxs were collectively my favourite characters I hope they all live long, happy, confused lives.I would say that the ending felt a little rushed, and I

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    closer to 3 than 2.5 I think I expectedfrom it, maybe because KSR s Aurora still resonates in my mind, or that I really enjoyed the latter IncompetenceThe blurb really only covers the last 2 3rd of the book and it s.rather simplistic I don t know There are enjoyable parts and things that could have been exploredin depth.

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