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Carousel of Hearts Antonia And Judith Were The Best Of Friends, Until Dashing Adam Yorke And Handsome Lord Simon Launceston Divided The Two Young Women Never Had Romance Reveled In Such Dizzying Turnabouts As Cupid Emptied His Quiver At Hearts That Would Not Stay Still

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    This is a nice, light read The basic idea is a tried and true plot line but the execution is rather different The middle of the book is a bit dark The pacing is a bit slow There s a lot of descriptive details about steam engines and ast

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    An enjoyable romp through Regency England Delightfully silly And engaging No debauchery hahahaha BUT CLOSE I SEE YOU TONI The carousel was surprisingly very effective It felt like A Midsummer Night s Dream a foursome chasing each other in the wro

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    3.5 stars

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    Baroness Antonia Thornton is a beautiful woman who has a fortune of her own and no patience with fortune hunters Judith Winslow is a widow working as a paid companion to Antonia At first Antonia was reluctant to take on Judith but after a while good sense prevailed and the tw

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here Not one of my favorites by Mary Jo Putney I had a really hard time getting invested in either couple s relationship since it wasn t clear until about two thirds of the way through the book who was going to

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    After reading The Bargain by the same author I enjoyed seeing her note at the end mentioning characters who d been recycled from other works One of them was the good doctor Ian and so I picked this up The library only had Large Print available.We are treated not to a romantic triangle but a roma

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    A delightful romance Likable characters and a plot that could have come from a Shakespere romantic comedy showing the different types of love selfish or selfless, enduring or infatuation and the four people who grown and learn the differences.No erotic content The characters, plot and other emotions besid

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    I am delighted that so many of these older titles are now available as ebooks It had been a long, long time since I read this one, but it was a fun read It s not as good as the books that came later, but it does make it easy to understand why Mary Jo Putney has been consistently on my autobuy list for lo these many

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    I don t know if it s because I read Carousel of Hearts while I had the flu, but I kept thinking that Judith and Antonia would rather become lifelong companions to each other if you know what I mean I lost interest in the story, which may have also been due to the flu s influence, and didn t finish reading it.

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