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Improvised Dialogues: Emergence and Creativity in Conversation Improvised Dialogues Is The First Social Scientific Study Of Chicago Improv Theater It Focuses On The Collaborative Verbal Creativity That Improvising Actors Use To Generate Their Unscripted Dialogues The Author Spent Two Years As A Performer, And Videotaped Different Chicago Theater Groups Both Live Performances And Rehearsals Resulting In Almost Hours Of Performance Data To Analyze These Dialogues, The Book Presents The Theory Of Collaborative Emergence, Which Focuses On How Different Pre Existing Structures Guide Improvisation, And How Actors Use Dialogue To Jointly Create A Novel, Dramatically Coherent Performance Although The Dialogue Is Not Scripted, A Highly Structured Performance Emerges Because These Elements Of Improvisation Are Present In All Linguistic Interaction, The Theory Shows How These Dialogues Are Relevant To All Researchers Who Study Verbal Performance Improvised Dialogues Is Thus Positioned At The Intersection Of Several Fields, Each Of Which Includes A Tradition Of Research On Improvisation And Conversation In Sociology, Researchers Such As Conversation Analysts Have Long Studied How Participants In Interaction Creatively Produce An Orderly Dialogue In Folkloristics And Linguistic Anthropology, Researchers Have Begun To Emphasize The Importance Of Creativity In Performance In Psychology, Contemporary Creativity Theory Has Begun To Take Account Of Interactional And Social Factors Influencing Creativity All Of These Fields Study Collaborative, Interactive Craetivity No Single Performer Controls The Group, But Each Performer Is Subtly Influenced By The Actions Of The Others

About the Author: Robert Keith Sawyer

r R Keith Sawyer, a professor of education at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, studies creativity, learning, and collaboration After receiving his computer science degree from MIT in 1982, he began his career with a two year stint designing videogames for Atari His titles included Food Fight, Neon, and Magician From 1984 to 1990, he was a principal at Kenan Systems Corporation, where he worked as a management consultant on innovation technologies His clients included Citicorp, ATT, and U.S West In 1990, Dr Sawyer began his doctoral studies in psychology, where he studied creativity with Dr Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi author of best selling books such as Flow and Creativity Since receiving his Ph.D in 1994, he has dedicated his career to research on creativity, collaboration, and learning He has been a jazz pianist for over 30 years, and spent several years playing piano with Chicago improv theater groups.Dr Sawyer has published fourteen books and over 80 scientific articles His research has been featured on CNN, Fox News, TIME, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, NPR and other media A popular speaker, he lectures to corporations, associations, and universities around the world on creativity and innovation.

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