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The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World (for Readers of Whole and the China Study) The Man Who Started The Food Revolution With The Groundbreaking Diet For A New America Now Boldly Posits That, Collectively, Our Personal Diet Can Save Ourselves And The World Robbins Argues For Adopting A Vegetarian Diet For Personal Wellbeing As Well As For The Wellbeing Of The Planet Photos, Charts Tables

10 thoughts on “The Food Revolution: How Your Diet Can Help Save Your Life and Our World (for Readers of Whole and the China Study)

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    Over twenty years ago I read Diet for a New America and after a short flirtation with vegetarianism I somehow managed to forget most of what I absorbed Since having my own family, facing increasing, personal health issues and growing up a little, I have slowly been working up the courage to face the facts so clearly

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    It s like a horror story, except that the zombies, vampires and maniacs with power tools are chasing YOU And it s for real It even has a happy ending, except for the very last scene when it may be that the monster could come back you don t read that in the book, but you feel it in the back of your mind Every one should read it

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    Another hit I cannot wait to read Healthy at 100 and the China Study, also by John Robbins Not many people give up swimming in an ice cream cone shaped pool, along with a life of luxury, for writing books that champion veganism This book goes further to make the point and backs up the way of life eventhan ever before Hey, even if you ea

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    Although I think this book is an important read for some reasons, I caution against any book with an author that is fanatical about one diet vegetarianism I am, in fact, a recovering vegetarian He can scare you into not eating meat with all of his disgusting stories of the meat industry, which are true and which is why I am a strong proponent of

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    Robbins comes off as a bit of a fanatic in The Food Revolution He first states facts which are surprising and certainly worth serious discussion I would ve appreciated a briefer book that left off there But Robbins also persistently pelts the reader with dramatic personal tales, apparently chosen to reinforce his own image as a trustworthy and unbiased sou

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    This book is amazing and insightful It s interesting to just flip through and read the little excerpts I read it cover to cover and it converted me from being a vegetarian to becoming a vegan I think it s a wealth of knowledge for anyone but especially those interested in veganism or animal rights There is so much going on behind the scenes that the average person i

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    Wow what didn t I learn from this book It has changed my whole perspective and lifestyle I could go into the details of how my life is different after reading this book, but its better if you pick it up and read it yourself The thing that was most impressive to me was the 40 pages of footnotes in the back, providing scientific research that you can check out yourself This boo

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    Wow This book is one of the very few books that literally changed my life I ve read plenty of books that have inspired me or brought about minor changes, but this book really inspired true change in my life I became vegetarian by page 50, vegan by page 100 and haven t looked back since I realized that I ve spent my life eating whatever was around without any thought as to where it came

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    Simply put this book is about why you should adopt a vegetarian diet It breaks the argument down into three categories Compassion, Health, and Ecology If at least one of these areas concerns you this book will make a convincing argument for dietary change Lots of interesting facts and busting of popular myths.

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    It s not that I don t agree with the message of this book or that it didn t inspire me to eat less meat I just got tired of the author s weak attempts at humility and barely veiled self promotion The structure of the book got old fast Ultimately, I decided that life is too short to finish reading this book, so I stopped around page 120.

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