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Dark Hunger HE S EVERYTHING SHE FEARS Reporter Annabelle Armstrong Will Go To Any Lengths To Deliver A Story, Even Track Down Quinton Valtrez, A Man She Believes Is A Coldhearted Assassin Yet The Truth About The Darkly Sensual Quinton Is Even Shockingand The Overwhelming Desire He Ignites Is One She Vows To Resist SHE S EVERYTHING HE CRAVES Quinton Has Fought His Demonic Powers Since He Was A Child Now Using His Gifts For The Good Of National Security, He Can T Let Himself Be Distracted By The Beautiful, Determined Annabelle But His Need For Her Is Sudden, Fierce And Could Soon Cost Annabelle Her Life For A Wicked Enemy Is Out For Vengeance, A Demon Who Wants To Draw Quinton Into A Life Of Pure Evil And Is Willing To Use Annabelle As Bait To Save Her, Quinton Must Achieve The Near Impossible Tame The Sinister Force That Is Both His Inheritance And His Curse Before It Claims Him Forever.

About the Author: Rita Herron

USA Today Bestselling and award winning author Rita Herron fell in love with books at the ripe age of eight when she read her first Trixie Belden mystery Although she wanted to be a writer then and actually scrawled her first novel at age twelve, she didn t think real people grew up to be writers, so she became a kindergarten teacher instead Ten years ago, she traded her classroom storytelling a

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    Quinton Valtrez is half human, half demon Raised by monks to harvest and control his chi and his powers, to battle demons, he now works for Homeland Security and is a sniper assassin on the side He kills bad guys without remorse, and is happy to live the life of a lonely recluse.In Savannah,

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    Dark Hunger is the second book in The Demonborn trilogy I would have to say so far Dark Hunger is much darker and gritty than Insatiable Desire If I had to categorize this book, I would have to say it is urban than paranormal While I instantly fell in love with the prior book and knew that it was the

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    Sequel to Insatiable Desire, half angel demon brother number two, Quinton, is an assassin for a secret government home security agency allowing Quinton to channel his demon side s need for death into his sanctioned kills The heroine is a reporter Annabelle, who has been fed some hints on Quinton s occupation a

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    Book three comes out April 2010 Even knowing this I started the book, and loved it You do not need to go in order to understand the book and enjoy it I am going to go back and read book one though, I loved the series and everyone in it that I want of them I can not wait for book three to come out next year.I loved how

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    When her mother died and her father abandoned her in his grief, the heroine turned her focus and devotion to uncovering the truth Single minded in her pursuit of a story, she s turned her sights on an assassin and disclosing him to the world The hero has lived a life of solitude Spending his childhood in the company of monks wh

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    I love a good paranormal romance and the latest book to fit that description definitely did not disappoint DARK HUNGER by Rita Herron was a wonderfully passionate story full of suspense and quite a bit of tasty action Although this is the second in The Demonborn series, I believe that it could do quite well as a stand alone novel Rita Her

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    Quinten Valtrez a demon born man raised by monks after his mother ridden with heartbreak and pain leaves him at the doorsteps of his protectors Quinten being body and mind trained by monks served time in the military and is now part of a secret Homeland Security team called the Ghosts He lives and breathes to take out and eliminate the evil in this world

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    Author Rita Herron is an award winning author of than thirty suspense, paranormal, and contemporary romance novels including A Breath Away, The Eye Witness, In a Heartbeat, Last Kiss Goodbye, Say You Love Me, Don t Say a Word, Marry Me Maddie, Collecting Evidence, Under His Skin, Undercover Avenger, Epiphany, Silent Surrender, Silent Night Sanctuary and Up In Fl

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    Dark Hunger is the second in Rita Herron s Demonborn Trilogy In it we meet Quinton Valtrez Quinton is not your average man he s half human half demon and can hear your thoughts He was orphaned as a child and was raised by monks who helped train him in controlling his powers in order for him to battle the demons that would eventually taunt him into turning evil and returni

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