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Deep Down Deep Down PDF Epub Author Karen Harper Bandcamptomp3.co.uk As A Child, Jessie Lockwood Spent Many Hours Helping Her Mother, Mariah, Count The Endangered Ginseng Plants Hidden In The Local Woods Of Deep Down, Kentucky There She Learned To Appreciate The Tiny Appalachian Townand Ginseng S Healing Powers Now A PhD, She S Made Her Home In Lexington, Even Though That Meant Leaving Deep Down And Her Beloved Motherand Sheriff Drew Webb, The Man She Secretly Loved When Jessie Is Notified That Her Mother Never Returned From Her Last Walk In The Woods, She Comes Home To Deep Downand To Drew As Jessie And Drew Race To Find Her Mother, Several Suspects Emerge An Agent For Those Who Market The Herb For Its Life Giving Properties Mariah S Disgruntled Suitor And An Old Cherokee Desperate To Protect The Sacred Tribal Herb In The Mist Of Legend And Fear, Only Two Things Make Sense To Jessie At Any Cost, She Is Desperate To Find Her Mother And She Can T Help Falling Desperately In Love With Drew All Over Again.

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    Deep Down Karen Harper Romantic Suspense.Jessie Lockwood is in China on business when she gets a call that her mother Mariah is missing She comes home to a small Appalachian town in Kentucky called Deep Down There she teems up with an old Love Drew, who is now the local police Not only does she come home t

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    You know what really urks me when proof readers cannot do their jobs This book has so many mistakes I ve notice the same about many MIRA books They really need new proof readers It makes these books very unenjoyable.

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    was very good and was interesting

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    Jessie Lockwood, cancer researcher, is called home to eastern Kentucky when her mother goes missing Her former lover, Drew is now Sheriff and he needs her help finding the ginseng patches her mother might have been counting in the forest, in hopes they will lead to finding her As they work together in the search and the subsequent inve

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    Unlike the other books, I have read by Karen Harper, I had a hard time getting through this one The background was interesting Appalachia, ginseng, etc, but the story itself didn t grab me in.

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    I normally dont review a book I got halfway in and got tired of the sang talk, and herbal storyline IT was obvious what the tall thing was and what it was made of I figured out who did it about halfway in , sooo obvious So i skipped to the end only to prove to myself that my prediction was spot on It was entirely too long for a predictable outcome I skipp

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    A very good story filled with character and mystery right up to the end

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    My word, this author is fantastic I normally feel like I ve entered the books scenario, but, wow.A very good read and spine tingling.

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    Ginseng intrigue meets high school sweethearts in Kentucky Who knew that ginseng was a thing worth killing for in Kentucky

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    As a child, Jessie Lockwood spent many hours helping her mother, Mariah, count the endangered ginseng plants hidden in the local woods of Deep Down, Kentucky There she learned to appreciate the tiny Appalachian townand ginseng s healing powers Now a PhD, she s made her home in Lexington, even though that meant leaving Deep Down and her beloved motherand Sheriff Drew Webb, the man she secretly l

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