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Dawn Lilith Iyapo Has Just Lost Her Husband And Son When Atomic Fire Consumes Earth The Last Stage Of The Planet S Final War Hundreds Of Years Later Lilith Awakes, Deep In The Hold Of A Massive Alien Spacecraft Piloted By The Oankali Who Arrived Just In Time To Save Humanity From Extinction They Have Kept Lilith And Other Survivors Asleep For Centuries, As They Learned Whatever They Could About Earth Now It Is Time For Lilith To Lead Them Back To Her Home World, But Life Among The Oankali On The Newly Resettled Planet Will Be Nothing Like It Was Before.The Oankali Survive By Genetically Merging With Primitive Civilizations Whether Their New Hosts Like It Or Not For The First Time Since The Nuclear Holocaust, Earth Will Be Inhabited Grass Will Grow, Animals Will Run, And People Will Learn To Survive The Planet S Untamed Wilderness But Their Children Will Not Be Human Not Exactly.

About the Author: Octavia E. Butler

Octavia Estelle Butler was an American science fiction writer, one of the best known among the few African American women in the field She won both Hugo and Nebula awards In 1995, she became the first science fiction writer to receive the MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.

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    I ve never really read anything like this before It had some of the most alien aliens I ve ever come across, and it spends a lot of time exporing their physiology, gender, sexuality, and society, all parts that I really enjoyed.The whole thing is very unnerving, blunt, and extremely uncomfortable in pl

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    As one of the earliest African American female science fiction writers, Octavia Butler is a must for anyone who reads sci fi Fourteen of her works were nominated for the Locus Award during her career, including each book in the Xenogenesis series, but she only had one win, the novelette Bloodchild Dawn is the f

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    I was utterly compelled When I got to the end, I was so hungry for the next book I was actually frustrated not to have it to hand The last book I enjoyed nearly this much was The Lathe of Heaven so I guess I need to give in and accept that speculative fiction with feminist consciouness is my true love.I love that Lilith

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    Aliens save the human race from themselves.Octavia Butler s 1987 novel Dawn begins her Xenogenesis trilogy the series was titled

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    Rating 5 of five2020 UPDATEIt s script to series atSince it s Ava duVernay, I m bettin the script will pass muster She made sense out of

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    One of the first novels dealing with the idea of how gender, love and procreation may evolve under the influence of interspecies, in this case, alien relationships.Octavia E Butler is a unique writer, because she was both one of the first female black Sci Fi writers and also dealt with the, at this time and strangely even today, controversial ide

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    Yes, he said, intelligence does enable you to deny facts you dislike But your denial doesn t matter Lilith wakes up on an Oankali spaceship hundreds of years after an atomic war devastates Earth These alien Oankali, Lilith learns, feel it is their mission to save what remains of humanity How they plan to do it is what makes Dawn such an interesting read I

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    This is the second book I ve read by Octavia Butler and I m completely impressed by the complexity and intrigue of this story I was afraid that being sci fi I would find it difficult to get into the story and that there would be so much to digest that I would miss something However that is not the case The story is told with extremely adept writing and Butler defi

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    I loved the almost elegant and unrelenting unfolding of a most unusual alien apocalypse The Oankali are the saviors of humankind after a nuclear war, preserving a population of survivors in a form of suspension while working to facilitate recovery of planetary ecology But at what a cost Their agenda is to merge genetically with humans to make a new species That plot overvi

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    I have such conflicted feelings about this book I found it both brilliant and disturbing in equal measure The beginning introduces the reader to a strange and terrifying situation that sucks you in right away The horror at some revelations is delivered so realistically that I found myself clenching my teeth and trying to hide in the pillows I was reading on I was very impressed The

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