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The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance All Lovers Of Westerns Know These Four Great Stories The Western Writer S Association Of America Ranked Them As Four The Best Short Stories Of The Th Century, But These Classic Tales Have Never Been Collected In One Book Until Now This Edition Is Destined To Earn A Place In Every Western Library In , Dorothy Johnson Will Receive A Star In The Gallery Of Outstanding Montanans At The Montana State Capitol

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    My first experience of Dorothy Johnson s work and it was excellent These four Western stories are wonderfully well written, and not run of the mill, either the concept of each is original and attention holding My favorite was The Hanging Tree, a novella length story set

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    Four Western stories well, three stories and a novella about people trying to live in places where they don t belong The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is about a U.S Senator s very humble beginnings in the lawless towns of the West A Man Called Horse tells of one man who,

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    Months and months ago, before I even started talking about how I had to go to Montana, my mother gave me this book You have to read it she said, a recommendation which confused me greatly Why did my mother, who generally picks books for me pretty well, think short stories

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    This caught my eye in the reshelving area of one of the libraries where I work I hadn t read a western in a while, and I have fond memories of watching the movie version of The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, so I thought I d take the book out for a ride This is a rare short

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    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is a republication of some of the best stories of Dorothy Johnson, America s most unrecognized genius of short fiction Two of these four stories are taken from Indian Country later published as Man Called Horse , a brilliant collection of Wes

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    I had to study this book with the worst teacher I ve ever had very few people will actually make fun of someone because they are going through pre cancer treatments, but this guy is a standout That aside, this short story was excellent Very cool story about developing Western

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    These felt very real to life for me Engaging characters Stories are short, quick reads that are very fun.

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    At the risk of redundancy, this is a collection of four western short stories A Man Called Horse, The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance, Lost Sister and The Hanging Tree These stories were originally published between 1947 and 1959 the afterward credits Johnson with not imposing 20t

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    This book was EXCELLENT I am only sorry it took me so long to read these classic short stories and one novella A Man Called Horse much different than the movie version I saw , The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance also different from the movie, why the name change to Tom Doniphon , T

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    These stories about the real Wild West offer a huge payoff relative to the time and effort required to read them, and thus are easy to recommend All are enjoyable, short, easy to read, and different from the usual fare There s a reason Hollywood adapted t...

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