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Hooking Him I loved this sweet and touching story so much just like the previous two installments in the How to Catch an Alpha series Aurora s books are food for my heart and soul Full review to be posted closer to release day Love this book so much Hooking Him is the third book in the How to catch an Alpha series and this one was such a fun read Anna was born wealthy and always had everything in life She was engaged to a man she didn t love But everything she had was not enough for her So she gave up everything and broke up the wedding with her fianc and move to a small town Anna is a strong character She had little confidence issues but that was normal seeing how she grew up with her awful parents Love Anna s friendship with Edie and The Golden Girls they had me cracking up with their antics Calvin is a police detective and very much dedicated to his job Calvin is swoony Protective and all alpha The storyline with the side mystery had me anxious to know and I didn t see that coming This is a light read that had me laughing, swooning and with two main characters that were perfect for each other My Rating STARS From New York Times And USA Today Bestselling Author Aurora Rose Reynolds Comes The Sizzling Final Installment To The Humorous And Heart Filled How To Catch An Alpha Series Anna McAlister Needs A New Life But That Doesn T Mean She Needs A New Man After Leaving Her Fianc And Chicago Behind, She Promises Herself No Dating Until She Finds What She S Looking For But Meeting One Seriously Hot And Determined Detective Has Her Questioning HerselfCalvin Miller Is That Detective, And He S Been Burned By Women In The Past It S Easy For Him To Sleep Alone And Focus On His Work, But The Moment He Lays Eyes On Anna, He Starts Imagining Sexy Nights With Her Wrapped In His Sheets Maybe It S Time To Get Back Out ThereBut Just As The Attraction Between Them Begins To Sizzle, Anna S Past Shows Up To Create Trouble And To Make Matters Worse, A String Of Murders Forces Calvin To Juggle His New Relationship And His Career His Worst Fear That The Two Are Somehow ConnectedCan They Find Love Together, Or Will Her Past And His Duty Sink Their Hopes Is there any surprise here I love ARR and have enjoyed every book in this series These characters were cute and I had a good time reading about them falling in love I really enjoyed our main character, Anna I can respect a person who is willing to leave it all behind if they aren t happy She was an heiress who was engaged to a man she didn t love and had a terrible family She realized she wasn t happy and walked away from it all I feel like Calvin was really good for Anna He showed her what being loved and cared for could feel like Besides our main characters, we were given some very funny side characters This neighborhood had its own version of the Golden Girls They were so damn funny and brought humor to the story Overall, I enjoyed this one I don t know if there will be in this series, but I sure hope so I received an ARC via NetGalley for an honest review.Blog Instagram Anna Calvin are GREAT I love their story She s funny sweet just searching for her own key to happiness She finds it in a little southern beach town, a bakery, friends, and LOVE Calvin starts out a bit prickly, but his true colors shine through He s affectionate, swoony, protective All the things we love in an ARR hero And of course we have Bane, the awesome doggy companion, Edie the Golden Girls causing a bit of mayhem, Gus Chrissie encouraging our current couple s HEA, and a mystery Super fun, quick read w just the right amount of steam as well 10 stars I always love reading Aurora s books This book will surely hook you in The love between Calvin and Anna is amazing The pull they have between the two is magical Calvin is that manly man that gets what he wants He is passionate, devoted, protective, and a chance taker Anna is a sweet city girl that took a leap of faith to leave her life behind in search for happiness When she finds her self in a small town starting a new life she never suspects that she would find the love of her life The Golden Girls are hilarious And the bakery couple are the cutest The suspense of the murder mysteries sucked me in And I never guessed who the killer was You ll have to read this book to find out who it was This love story has all the feels You will not be disappointed Aurora will have you swooning. Aaaaaand she does it again Like always, another sweet BOOM from Aurora Rose Reynolds A quick, adorable love storyeasily devoured in one sitting It has all the elements of a classic ARR booklovable heroine, hunky alpha hero, spunky supporting characters, a bit of action, some spicy romance The total package This was a great read I loved it Ok I know the story was really about Calvin and Anna but The Golden Girls stole the show They were hysterical Ok back to Calvin and Anna, they were just perfect together From their initial interaction to Calvin going to the bakery to apologize Their banter was perfect and the peanut gallery Chrissie and Gaston only added to the story Seeing Anna stand up to her parents and go after what she really wanted was empowering Another great story and a perfect ending to the series. If there was ever an ARR book meant to be made into a movie it s this one Anna and Calvin come together beautifully in this book Their chemistry is off the charts hot Their witty banter leaves you laughing Their depth of love for each other is beautiful Anna s new take on life is something I can appreciate Having all the money and materialistic things in the world can never truly make you happy It s the people in your life that fill you up with happiness that matters most Your true friends and family should only fill you up with love and not leave you feeling empty and alone like Anna s has Seeing her taking steps to be who she truly is within herself is the most brave thing anyone could do It s that beauty on the inside that made a hot detective fall head over heels Calvin is the hot detective in town He had no plans on falling in love or meeting Anna but from the first moment he opened his big mouth and tried to bring her to heel like a dog we all knew he would fall in love with her sassiness Calvin has a hard career has a detective and Anna is amazing with him She has shown Calvin that a real woman will be there to support him at every turn Her heart is beyond anything he has seen with the exception of his mother and he will do whatever it takes to lock her down I love ARR s style and she is one of my favorite authors to date I have ever read She brings me the best pick me up stories to get me through when I need a mixture of laughter and love Another story hit out of the ball park I was apprehensive starting this book I admit The last two offerings from the authour left me bland, whereas I am usually in love But my worry was for naught because this was a wonderful love story with just a wee but of extraneous dramaHooking Him as a title had me a little confused, was it in reference to rugby Crochet Rock climbing Hang in there, it all becomes clear at the end of the book Anna moves to a small town to escape the life she was led to believe she needed to live Taken in by her geriatric neighbour and her trouble causing friends, it is not long before she meets our hero, Calvin, a detective in their town Attraction is instant and chemistry sizzles As expected, our alpha male lays his claim and it takes a bit for our heroine to catch up I would have been happy with just the development of the relationship but there was a crime to solve that was loosely a mystery, I mean, I figured it out pretty quickly, and I didn t find it added anything to the storyline, but it didn t take away either, it was just there Loved the sizzle, loved the support, loved the alpha ness, and loved the happily ever after

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