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Oona Out of Order I received Oona Out of Order as an ARC from Flat Iron Books and I am overwhelmingly pleased to give my honest review of this book.Oona, at 18, has two life paths laid before her She isn t sure what she will do As it turns out, Oona doesn t get to choose Time, acting as an entity, changes everything and challenges Oona to embrace life in a non linear, heart breaking and awe inspiring way.You ever look back at yourself from 10 years ago and think Who was she If that version of me knew the me here today, she would be shocked Oona begins every year in a shocked state of the Five W s She lives with decisions she s made but hasn t been present for yet Not just in her own life but with those around her as well She loses so much in these time leaps, but comes to terms with what she gains also Appreciation and vigor for the moment Acceptance to roll with the punches and let what s meant to be, just be.This story is complete from beginning to end It s well thought out and obvious that Margarita Monti shares a piece of herself with Oona The book is well balanced and the end is whole, not hurried like so many books I think if I was left with any questions, it would be about Cyn By the time that question arose in my mind, we had already learned to not look up old friends And that was that.I tagged magical realism for this book because the suspension of disbelief is easy settle into and accept in Oona s back and forth world There are many moments you think to yourself, This is it, the pivotal moment and really the one that sticks out the most, I refuse to write about and ruin for anyone else It is THE moment though and you know it when you read it I also hope that the Wings of Desire quote at the beginning of the book is a neat little real life tie in to one of the characters with a familiar name It would only add to my previous beliefs about Margarita existing somewhere in Oona and vice versa. I was fortunate to receive a very early copy of this novel from Flatiron Books Out in February 2020 I absolutely loved this book the story of Oona, a woman who wakes up on her birthday every year and finds herself in a different part of her life As she flies back and forth in time, she discovers her life well, out of order It s a fascinating puzzle, a feeling I haven t had since The Time Traveler s Wife and yet while that book was a love story, this one is a true character study, of Oona herself and how she deals with this mysterious affliction A must read Could not put it down. Just Because Life May Be Out Of Order, Doesn T Mean It S BrokenIt S New Year S Eve , And Oona Lockhart Has Her Whole Life Before Her At The Stroke Of Midnight She Will Turn Nineteen, And The Year Ahead Promises To Be One Of Consequence Should She Go To London To Study Economics, Or Remain At Home In Brooklyn To Pursue Her Passion For Music And Be With Her Boyfriend As The Countdown To The New Year Begins, Oona Faints And Awakens Thirty Two Years In The Future In Her Fifty One Year Old Body Greeted By A Friendly Stranger In A Beautiful House She S Told Is Her Own, Oona Learns That With Each Passing Year She Will Leap To Another Age At Random And So Begins Oona Out Of Order Hopping Through Decades, Pop Culture Fads, And Much Needed Stock Tips, Oona Is Still A Young Woman On The Inside But Ever Changing On The Outside Who Will She Be Next Year Philanthropist Club Kid World Traveler Wife To A Man She S Never Met Oona Out Of Order Is A Remarkably Inventive Novel That Explores What It Means To Live A Life Fully In The Moment, Even If Those Moments Are Out Of Sequence Surprising, Magical, And Heart Wrenching, Monti Has Crafted An Unforgettable Story About The Burdens Of Time, The Endurance Of Love, And The Power Of Family This is a fascinating and beautifully crafted tale which explores identity and relationships in one woman s unpredictable and radically changing world Unputdownable and uplifting, I adored Oona Out of Order I initially gave this 4 stars, but changed it to 5 after I couldn t stop thinking about it At the stroke of midnight on each New Year s, which is also Oona s birthday, she starts a new year, but not like everybody else She leaps to different ages, but not in chronological order This is a really unique concept for me, and I don t think I ve ever read something quite like it Since you are learning about Oona s life out of order with her, it s impossible to predict what will happen next It really forced me to think about how I would have to live my life differently Humans are creatures of habit, and I think chronological aging helps us ease into things What if you were 19, and then all of a sudden turned 50, and then back to your twenties the next year Now you know the future, but what do you do with it So many emotions and interesting questions, but ultimately, everything has its time I was fortunate to receive an ARC of this gem from Flatiron Books via a goodreads giveaway My opinions are my own. What a great book I made my daughter wait to eat dinner so I could finish 3 Just got the manuscript today, and read the begining.It s super promising I m so excited to read the rest. via my blog Each year her body was hers, but her mind was out of sync with her reflection Always playing catch up, trying to rearrange the scrambled pieces of her life Oona Lockhart is out of order, at least according to the timeline of her entire life It begins at a party in Brooklyn on New Year s Eve, on the precipice of turning nineteen and making a big decision that is guaranteed to alter her future She is struggling with her heart and mind Oona has the opportunity to go to London to study economics or stay behind with the love of her young life Dale who wants to go on tour, this could be the big break they need in the music industry Dale doesn t know about London, neither does her liberal mother who could use a lesson in setting boundaries, providing structure in her daughter s life She would like to keep it that way, thank you, until she is sure of her decision With her best friend pushing her to make the wise choice that will certainly open doors , all Oona wants is a night to enjoy the moment, not have to think about the looming choice she is wrestling with Whose dream is it, what will she choose She wishes she didn t have to, maybe she doesn t A strange feeling overwhelms her as the countdown towards midnight, and her nineteenth birthday begins Before she can figure out if she is dying or ill, she is out When Oona comes to it is no longer 1982, it is now 2015 and there is a stranger helping her remember what happened, where she is, who she is now Apparently she is a 52 year old woman who, though definitely still herself, is a complete stranger An older man, but somehow younger than her seems to know her better than she knows herself, helps to ease her into this terrifying world, just what is going on Who is he Where is she This is just the beginning of her time jumps, and her life is a puzzle she has to put back together every single time she experiences a hop Can she learn to avoid mistakes, to change her future by fixing the past, make a fortune with stock tips What about love, how much better can it be when you have seen the future will she avoid love traps or learn to take whatever is offered and go with it, whether it ends in disaster or not.Oona is out of order, much as we all are Maybe it s my age but it had me thinking about memory, how in some ways life is always a puzzle even when it seems to run in a straight line that s really just an illusion This novel is about the game of hindsight for me, we all read different stories as we base it on our own emotional state, age there will come a time, if you are lucky to live long enough, that you will feel like you re looking at a stranger in the mirror We are many people, many ages in one body, always The older I get, the I know everything is a gamble, the safe option never existed Other people are always the independent variable, because in a blink anything can and often will change There is no set formula for any life, ever.Oona must learn to set anchor on whatever shore of time she makes land and live her life to the fullest going on scant information Any time it seems she is figuring things out, comfortable in the now though still longing for her first love Dale time change is coming with the new year In a way they are like small deaths There is a line You know how messed up it is to be told what you re like by someone who s a stranger to you that I find incredibly insightful, because don t we at some point live with people telling us who we are Isn t that happening already at the start when she has her best friend telling her she wants to go to London, and her boyfriend selling her his dream so she stays because of her love for him For Oona, even her older self is a stranger telling her who she is and what to do, or not do, same thing She will try and love who she is with, both friends and partners alike, while relying on clues from her future and past self I really loved the surprise, it has so much heart One moment she s 19, the next 52, and on and on it goes Does the order matter Can a life be lived lost in time, so to speak Sure, we all do it now, winging it despite our best laid plans and what an adventure Publication Date February 25, 2020 unless you re Oona then it could be 1982, 2015 Flatiron Books ACK ACK ACK ACK ACKTHIS IS THE BEST BOOK I VE READ ALL YEAR one of three, at least I have only said this about three books and it s almost October, so Take me with a grain of salt, but ONLY ONE grain of salt because I m TELLING you, this BOOK This is very high concept, and I m a huge sucker for high concept, especially ones like this I, once again, did not read the blurb or any copy before diving into this one and it was a great decision I ll have to evaluate in a few days and see if I m still as stunned because looking objectively there s nothing truly life changing about this, but sometimes they don t need to be.I stayed up late to read this I was already too sleep deprived from a week of various things culmulating and YET this book was SO DARN GOOD that I kept my light on and kept flipping those pages Now I am sleep deprived Whose fault is that I m looking at you, Monti Yeah, I don t actually have much to say here, but the concept was so beautifully executed that you should probably read this There s some really fun music stuff in there spoiler alert Dale does not like Pink Floyd, so don t be like me and fall in love with him in chapter one and some absolutely beautiful glimpses at motherhood and what it entails It s a lonely book, in a way, but in the way that makes you want to go and hug your loved ones And it s one of those stories that keeps your brain churning about the what if s and the endless possibilities that a concept creates.I adored this I m so sad that it ended I know logically that it ended at a beautiful point and made a nice story arc, but gosh darn it I just want to read about EVERY single second of Oona s life and EVERY conversation she has and EVERY moment of these years, and to see how it all unfolds.I have already ranted about my adoration of this book to three non book people and I have a feeling I m going to be ranting about this for some time to come. Somebody once asked me that if I had the chance would I ever change my past The good, the bad, the downright painful I thought about it, really thought because a lot has happened and I ve been through a lot but truthfully I don t think I would change anything I am who I am because my experiences have made me who I am and although life is terrible at times and now it doesn t mean it always will be I m not saying that I m stronger or anything for what I ve been through I m just me.Now if you ask me if I would go back in time and eliminate certain obstacles and people the answer is hell yeah THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE YOU ARE EXPENDABLE.Oona s birthday is New Year s Day and it s 1982 and she s living it up with her boyfriend and fellow bandmates right before the clock hits midnight When it does however she s out of sorts and awakens not as a 19 year old but as a 51 year old Oona She s traveled into the future and according to a note she s left for herself this isn t the first time nor will it be her last.With each year Oona will time travel and learn about herself and her life In a way it s enviable but too much of one thing is never too good and as Oona tries to navigate the trickiness of her destiny we see why you should never try to change fate And still the sorrow threatened at the edges like a tidal wave on the horizon. I came into this novel not expecting much and was blown away It s great It was endearing and hilarious in so many ways and Oona as a character was funny and frustrating and reminded me way too much of me I wanted to shake her and tell her to stop being so stubborn but at the same time I completely related to her Who wouldn t try to change the course of fate when you knew that certain actions could lead to disaster The idea of leaping from random age made my anxiety skyrocket but also intrigued me I sympathized completely with Oona staying in bed weeks at a time because of her depression because girl.GIRL YES.The best part Her wealth The woman was smart She used her leap power for GOOD She invested in stocks and left notes for herself Love it And she didn t just spend the money on herself, she frequently donated to charities and kept herself busy and traveled Sigh, superhero status.My question though is do the leaps ever end because honestly it has to be exhausting at some point lmao This is a nice read overall and the characters were fun and witty so if you re looking for a light women s contemporary novel mixed with magical realism this is the book for you.Thank you very much to Netgalley and the publisher for this ARC All opinions are my own.Everything has its time.

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