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From Liberty to Magnolia: In Search of the American Dream From Liberty To Magnolia In Search Of The American Dream Is A True, Powerful, And Compelling Story About The Enduring Scourge Of Racism And Sexism In America It Is A Personal Account Of How That Bane Of Evil Plays Out In The Lives Of Blacks And Women Despite The Great Promise Of The American Dream Being Available To And Achievable By Everyone It Shows How, Often Than Not, Access To The Playing Field And The Rules Of The Game Are Not Equally And Fairly Applied Among Men And Women, Blacks And Whites, Even When They Come Prepared With Equal Or Better Qualifications And Value Sets To Play The GameThis Book Is Also Hopeful, Filled With Expectancy From Liberty To Magnolia Will Help Decent And Fair Minded Americans America As A Nation See How The Country Has Been And Continues To Be Enslaved By Its Own Sense Of Freedom This Sense Of Freedom Is One That Boasts And Finds It Acceptable To Persistently Disrespect, Deny, Marginalize, And Minimize The Value Of Two Of Its Largest And Greatest Assets Women And People Of Color When There Is Overwhelming Evidence Throughout The Landscape That Shows America Has Everything To Gain By Embracing Two Groups That Make Up The Majority Of Its CitizenryFrom Liberty To Magnolia In Search Of The American Dream Is Written For Americans From All Walks Of Life Who Care Deeply About How Our Great Nation Can Become Even Greater If We Boldly And Courageously Face Our Internal, Crippling, And Unnecessary Fear The Fear That We Stand To Lose Rather Than Gain By Embracing And Extending Mutual Respect And Supporting Equal Rights And Equal Opportunity For Our Fellow Citizens Regardless Of Their Race Or Gender The Book Is A Beacon For All Who Are Concerned About America S Future And Who Want America S Children Of All Colors To Realize Their Full Potential It Will Inform The Racists And Non Racists, The Sexists And Non Sexists It Will Inspire And Empower Men And Women Who Are In Positions That Can Make A Difference And Have The Will To Do So Parents, Teachers, Policy Makers, Social And Human Rights Activists, Journalists, Business Leaders, Faith Leaders, And Many Others Caring Americans, Working Together, Can Break The Chains Of Racism And Sexism That Keep America BoundA Discussion Guide Is Included For Use By Book Clubs, Classes, And Group Forums

About the Author: Janice S. Ellis

Janice S Ellis, M.A., M.A., Ph.D., an award winning author, is a native daughter of Mississippi, grew up and came of age during the height of the Civil Rights Movement and the Women s Liberation Movement Born and reared on a small cotton farm, she was influenced by two converging forces that would set the course of her life.The first was the fear and terror felt by blacks because of

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    Dr Ellis memoir chronicles her life story from rural Mississippi to her graduate work and municipal leadership in Wisconsin and to her work in the corporate world in Missouri Ellis life is a story of the challenges and triumphs of being a black woman, in a sense it s a story of intersectionality I was mostly surprised when I read about her relationship with her first husband and the plexiglass barriers she f

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    Liberty to Magnolia is a fantastic book When I first saw it, I thought it was historical fiction, but then realized it was the author s true story, which made it even better I enjoy reading autobiographies of people who have a different perspective than me, or who have had vastly different experiences and a professional Black woman who grew up in the South fits the bill perfectly I enjoy reading about both race and

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    See of my book reviews on my blog, Literary FlitsI was delighted to be chosen to take part in this tour because I really wanted to read Janice Ellis s autobiography and I can honestly say that I wasn t disappointed Ellis is a truly inspiring woman, determined and ultimately successful despite her two social disadvantages being black and being female Ellis came of age about sixty years after W E B Du Bois published his essa

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    In this lovely book, Dr Ellis describes her journey from a small farm in rural Mississippi to a high powered job in corporate America and beyond Along the way, she struggles with the dual challenges of being black and female I don t doubt that being a Southerner was a subtle barrier for her as well when she moved north to pursue education and work The author expresses herself well and quickly draws you into her story She paints a p

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    From Liberty to Magnolia Janice S Ellis Thomas Jefferson was the principal author of the Declaration of Independence The Declaration states, We hold these Truths to be self evident, that all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness All men are created equal and there are certain unalienable rights that governments should n

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    I thoroughly enjoyed the first part of this book that described Janice s relationship with her family and her childhood through her leaving home for college and her first marriage This part drew me into a personal story with details both inspirational and heartbreaking I didn t stay quite as engaged with the middle part of the book which was primarily about the author s professional life and spent a while delving specifically into her own research

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    Thought provokingFrom Liberty to Magnolia is a thought provoking memoir from Janice Ellis about her struggle to rise above her environment and the racism of the world that was also holding her back The story of her struggle to do better, even without the support of her family who were concerned that she would be heartbroken if she failed, is positively inspiring While she focuses on the correlation in time with the Civil Rights movement, it feels very cur

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    I wasn t really sure what I was expecting when I started this book, but what I got was a journey following the life of a young black female, going from being a little girl on her mom and dad s farm in Mississippi to becoming quite the successful woman with a college degree.The book mentions quite often that the author is a black female two minority groups during her time of growing up Both of which created struggled that she overcame.I found the book very detaile

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    Dr Ellis and I see the political world differently My endorsement of her book is in no way an endorsement of her political stances I am reviewing strictly on readability and enjoyability The book is a look at the journey from poverty to success It is inspirational in that we watch someone overcome the circumstances of her birth to reach financial success and national prominence.Dr Ellis came into this world only a few years before me We both lived in the south, and for a

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    I loved this memoir This is an incredible moving book written by a woman that inspires me, Dr Ellis She has a way with words that just really resonated with me I couldn t put this book down, which is rare for me with nonfiction.In this book, Dr Ellis shares her hopes, dreams, and her life with us I loved the honesty and rawness of her writing She includes details that will empower women everywhere to speak up and not allow the same treatment against themselves As a woman, I coul

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