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Trick Mirror I received an advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review An intellectual stream of consciousness meander through every facet of popular culture, some twists interesting than others, but all insightful and rewarding. Fantastic The nine essays in this razor sharp collection circle around the notions of identity and the self that have become all important and inescapable in the Internet era With remarkable clarity and her formidable intellect, Tolentino highlights the distortions and self delusions that have festered on digital platforms and begun to spread into our analog lives and she considers the intellectual rewiring that might be necessary to free us from our overinflated selves Highly recomme PDF Epub Trick Mirror By Jia Tolentino Trick Mirror Is An Enlightening, Unforgettable Trip Through The River Of Self Delusion That Surges Just Beneath The Surface Of Our Lives This Is A Book About The Incentives That Shape Us, And About How Hard It Is To See Ourselves Clearly In A Culture That Revolves Around The Self In Each Essay, Jia Writes About The Cultural Prisms That Have Shaped Her The Rise Of The Nightmare Social Internet The American Scammer As Millennial Hero The Literary Heroine S Journey From Brave To Blank To Bitter The Mandate That Everything, Including Our Bodies, Should Always Be Getting Efficient And Beautiful Until We Die. I don t know if I m going to have the time to write about this in the depth I would like, so I will just say that I finished Trick Mirror feeling I d probably read any article Jia Tolentino writes about any topic, and I d definitely read her memoirs The personal stories woven through these essays bring the book to vibrant life The autobiographical essays tend to be the strongest, particularly Reality TV Me , in which Tolentino revisits her experience of competing on a TV show at the age of 16 this essay could easily pass as a brilliant short story We Come from Old Virginia , in which she reckons with the controversial history of her alma mater, the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and Ecstasy , about religion and drugs, in which she writes hypnotically about the woozy hip hop subgenre of chopped and screwed Chopped and screwed mimics the lean feeling a heady and dissociative security, as if you re moving very slowly towards a conclusion you don t need to understand It induces a sense of permissive disorientation that melds perfectly to Houston, a place where a full day can pass in time lapse without you ever getting off the highway, where the caustic gleam of daytime melts into a fluorescent polluted sun Oh man, Jia is one of my favorite writers working right now Did you read her essay on religion, drugs, and growing up in Houston s Repentacon Holy goddamn it is phenomenal A pal got me a proof of this beauty which arrived yesterday, a few hours before I got on a I had to take breaks between these essays They are so sharp and juicy and confronting, and needed time to absorb This is the kind of book that makes you want to avoid reading anything else for a while, so that its ideas can keep ping ponging around your brain undiluted Between the waves of dread and horror at Jia Tolentino has been the realest deal for a while and this book cements it She s like Cheryl Strayed s intensely empathetic understanding of humanity meets what it means to be a millennial remember, Jia Tolentino s Trick Mirror is particularly difficult to review It failed me, but I know with total certainty that it will be praised as precious in many quarters So I have to appreciate it for what it is, and not what it didn t do for me It will appeal to a large and specific audience, and that needs to be recognized in any review of it I learned this from Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel, who, to my young amazement, gave an Arnold Schwarzenegger film their thumbs up, knowing that it had no plot, terrible writing, poor acting and no redeeming values But they recognized it would be a blockbuster film that satisfied millions of fans, who would quote it endlessly for months There was no point judging it by any other standards So while what I say next can be construed as criticism, let me plant the firm notion that it is not criticism It is description.The book is a collection of nine new essays They are founded in memoirs, and flower into surveys of the literature and associations on the topic Most of the topics are feminist The essays often wander, but rarely dive They skim they remain largely superficial Tolentino loves to drop names from pop culture, which readers should still recognize today, and relate to, but which will make the book unreadable in a few years, as all those people are forgotten She doesn t like introducing people or giving their credentials, but finds them au It took me a while to get used to Jia Tolentino s style of writing the essays jump around a bit at times and get a little stream of consciousness y but there are some real gems in this collection For me she s at her best when talking about social media, gender, wom I ve been waiting for this book She s written so many great, important things, but my favorite is still this review of

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