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Ayesha at Last A Smart Young Muslim Canadian Woman Navigates The Complexities Of Career, Love, And Family In This Lively Homage To A Jane Austen Classic While It Is A Truth Universally Acknowledged That A Single Muslim Man Must Be In Want Of A Wife, There S An Even Greater Truth To His Indian Mother, His Own Inclinations Are Of Secondary Importance With That Nod To Pride And Prejudice Firmly In Place, Jalaluddin Lays The Groundwork For A Raucous Story That Mixes A Zany Cast Of Characters With A Tightly Wound Plot.

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    You re very honest I have been told it s one of my worst qualities Ayesha is in her late twenties, unmarried and works for a living cue the muted gasps of horror As a modern Muslim, she walks through life with her head held high Her best friend has a live in

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    Sometimes there were no words, only sunshine on your heart Ayesha at Last is a romantic comedy about marriage, love, and family in the Muslim culture The plot loosely mirrors Pride and Prejudice but also incorporates elements of Shakespeare and other literature The main charac

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    The editors don t do this book any favors comparing it to Pride and Prejudice Other than a similar quote at the beginning and two headstrong characters, there aren t many similarities until you get to the end The comparison was actually a distraction, as I kept looking for similarities that weren

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    3.5 Well played I was expecting my dose of romantic comedy But I came away with an unexpected, profoundly deeper read Heavy tones of race, religion, sexual equality and even fat shaming laced throughout Yes, this book has it all And somewhere in the mix is a budding romance I must say, sadly the romance so

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    Because while it is a truth universally acknowledged that a single Muslim man must be in want of a wife, there s an even greater truth To his Indian mother, his own inclinations are of secondary importance.All the stars for this debut Canadian author Ayesha at Last was without a doubt my most anticipated 2018

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    3.5 Stars rounded up Being yourself and following your heart is not always easy, nor is it allowed In the Muslim culture, arranged marriages are often the norm Ayesha, however, has never done what her family expects of her Older than the other girls in her community, Ayesha also has a job she s a substitute school teacher and

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    i meant to write this a very long time ago and then i forgot oops heheMINOR SPOILERS AHEADthis book honestly had great potential judging by the synopsis alone, it basically sounded like the greatest book that would ever grace my life.when i picked it up, i became instantly invested in the story but somewhere along the way, between the

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    Ayesha at Last is a modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice with a Muslim main character I loved it Ayesha is a modern Muslim and dreams of being a poet, but she has to forgo those dreams at the moment to pay her uncle back She s become a teacher Ayesha lives with her Muslim family who constantly remind her of potential marriage and that one

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    The premise and characters alone in this made it so groundbreaking and fun to read I like that this book explored Islam from both a traditional perspective and a modern one, and how those two interact The representation in this, the wide cast of brown characters, and the way it s focused from Pride Prejudice were really done nicely I liked how snarky and

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    3.5 starsI ll admit I almost passed on this book because I thought does the world really need yet another modern day retelling of Pride and Prejudice Thankfully, I went ahead and read this book anyway and I can honestly say it feels like something fresh and different and not something I have read a hundred times before Ayesha Shamsi lives in Canada and is wo

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