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The Tycoons Secretive Temptress (Sinful Nights Book 2) GreatLove Ms Lennox s writing This one is about a young Italian woman, working for a cosmetics manufacturer She is working hard to understand American traditions, phrases, and lots of other things She is attracted to her boss, Brant, b Reading The Tycoons Secretive Temptress Sinful Nights Book 2 By Elizabeth Lennox Tanitiyor.us She Makes Him Crazy Gianna Is An Italian Temptress In Real Life Brant Jones Wants Her, But He Doesn T Want To Want Her She S Lush And Vibrant And Dives Into Every Situation With A Gusto That Well, She S Going To Get Herself Killed From Confronting Thieves To Dangerous Rides, Gianna Is Everything Brant Wants But Is She Stealing His Company S Secrets Gianna Wants The Incredibly Uptight Brant To Embrace Life He S So Focused On Business, That He Never Takes The Time To Stop And Look Around, Enjoy The Sunshine And Feel The Wind He S So Completely Different From Any Man She S Ever Met And Gianna Doesn T Understand Her Attraction To The Handsome But Overly Strict Man He Has Wealth, But No Spirit To Enjoy The Success He S Worked So Hard To Achieve But Gianna Is Determined To Teach Him And With Each Step Of Her Lessons, She Falls In Love With The Man Until The Day He Threatens To Arrest Her I like this author but this one didnt work for me at all.The reason for the misunderstanding is really silly The Hero, an so called established business man, to jump to such conclusions, to me was ridiculous without any conversation or proof.The Elizabeth Lennox FREAKIN AWESOME STORIES I think my record of EL books read still holds as I ve loved every one Another sexy, edgy couple that just had me flipping the kindle pages and had me stuck on reading their next sexcapade Little Italian sweetie hot bossI like the story until the end The betrayal was ignored and the happy ever after rushed The final pages though were very nice I loved Gianna with her cute Italian personality. Great book One of those books that pulls you in and won t let you put it down until you have read the whole book Can t wait to read Mack s story and I hope we get to see Ryan s story as well. Liked this book A fan of Elizabeth Lennox, Have read many of her books, especially like her series of family books. 3.5 starsPassionate, vivid and dramatic h meets staid H she calls him fuddy duddyH and h meet when she is employed by his company he feels she is hiding secrets, which she is but not company secretsh is a passionate Italian woman with a charming way of speaking as English is her second language and kudos to the author This fun quick read follows Brant and Gianna We meant these characters in the previous book of the series I loved that Gianna did what she wanted and and how she wanted Especially at the end with Brant Such a fun book.

About the Author: Elizabeth Lennox

USA Today best selling author Elizabeth Lennox writes contemporary romance novels featuring sheiks, business tycoons, royalty, and other sexy rich men Her male lead characters are smart, driven and determined, but can still be sensitive and vulnerable Elizabeth s female lead characters come from a variety of backgrounds They are strong, intelligent and independent, while still feminine and car

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