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The Most Fun We Ever Had A Dazzling, Multigenerational Novel In Which The Four Adult Daughters Of A Chicago Couple Still Madly In Love After Forty Years Recklessly Ignite Old Rivalries Until A Long Buried Secret Threatens To Shatter The Lives They Ve Built.When Marilyn Connolly And David Sorenson Fall In Love In The 1970s, They Are Blithely Ignorant Of All That S To Come By 2016, Their Four Radically Different Daughters Are Each In A State Of Unrest Wendy, Widowed Young, Soothes Herself With Booze And Younger Men Violet, A Litigator Turned Stay At Home Mom, Battles Anxiety And Self Doubt When The Darkest Part Of Her Past Resurfaces Liza, A Neurotic And Newly Tenured Professor, Finds Herself Pregnant With A Baby She S Not Sure She Wants By A Man She S Not Sure She Loves And Grace, The Dawdling Youngest Daughter, Begins Living A Lie That No One In Her Family Even Suspects Above It All, The Daughters Share The Lingering Fear That They Will Never Find A Love Quite Like Their Parents.As The Novel Moves Through The Tumultuous Year Following The Arrival Of Jonah Bendt Given Up By One Of The Daughters In A Closed Adoption Fifteen Years Before We Are Shown The Rich And Varied Tapestry Of The Sorensons Past Years Marred By Adolescence, Infidelity, And Resentment, But Also The Transcendent Moments Of Joy That Make Everything Else Worthwhile.Spanning Nearly Half A Century, And Set Against The Quintessential American Backdrop Of Chicago And Its Prospering Suburbs, Lombardo S Debut Explores The Triumphs And Burdens Of Love, The Fraught Tethers Of Parenthood And Sisterhood, And The Baffling Mixture Of Affection, Abhorrence, Resistance, And Submission We Feel For Those Closest To Us In Painting This Luminous Portrait Of A Family S Becoming, Lombardo Joins The Ranks Of Writers Such As Celeste Ng, Elizabeth Strout, And Jonathan Franzen As Visionary Chroniclers Of Our Modern Lives. You know that feeling you get when you start a book and immediately know it s going to be special That was the feeling I had with The Most Fun We Ever Had and it was spot on Books that follow a group of characters over decades have always been the kind that speak to me in a special way, namely, The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer a gold standard that I ve held many other books to over the years From the beginning, I realized that Most Fun would be a new standard for me, Lombardo has a way with words and creating characters that just leapt off the page Told in alternating chapters between present day and past, beginning with the marriage of David and Marilyn Sorenson and taking us well into adulthood with their four daughters, yes that s five women for David to contend with Most Fun tells the story of a family so familiar yet so dysfunctional at the same time, which let s face it, isn t that really how most families are Told in shifting perspectives from each of the characters, including daughters Wendy, Violet, Liza Grace, we got to know each family member well and truly understood the motives behind their actions And since they are not my children, I m free to say that Wendy was my absolute favorite Topping in at over 500 pages, Most Fun is absolutely un put down able Don t be intimidated by length, but rather, relish the opportunity to spend time with the Sorenson family I know I ll personally be eagerly awaiting what Claire Lombardo writes next Thank you to Doubleday Books for an advanced copy All opinions are my own. The author of this novel is an old soul Lombardo deeply understands marriage, sisterhood and plain old ordinary family dysfunction which is present on every character driven page From the outside, the parents marriage seems flawless Naturally, from the inside it is not without its peaks and valleys However, it is based upon a deep and abiding love that seems to be unattainable to their four daughters within their own lives Each of the sisters has their own crosses to bear For Wendy it is a combination of fate and disposition Violet has sisterly assistance in bringing about additional anxiety and messiness in her life Liza is neurotic and indecisive while the youngest, Grace, is simply lost and living a lie of her own making Other than an event which I found hard to fathom, this is a realistic and intimate look at an affluent Chicago family as they love, laugh, annoy, clash, and support each other over the course of forty odd years. So this one was maybe a 3.5 read for me It took me almost 2 weeks to finish this 500 page family saga If I m to be honest I found myself bored at times and absolutely enthralled at others There were times when I put the book down and read another book in its entirety before picking this one back up Yet, I felt compelled to see it through and finish I could see glimpses of myself in Marilyn and that was one of the main reasons why I continued turning the pages The Sorenson family was messy, full of both heartache and triumph and quite relatable in their interactions If family drama is your thing this one will pull you right in. An easy 5 stars for me This is about as good as character driven family sagas get I hope you have the ability to clear your schedule The Sorenson s will instantly grab you and won t let go until the very last page I love character driven family saga dramas and this one has plenty of everything A peek into a seemingly perfect marriage between the parents and the rollercoaster ride that is the lives of their FOUR daughters I think what I found so refreshing and relatable about this was how honest the depiction of their lives was It showed the good, the ugly, and the complexity of family relationships Siblings don t always get along and children don t always get along with their parents However, that doesn t mean that there isn t a loyalty and love there than lasts through everything This won t be a five star read for everyone because it does start to feel a little long although I can t really say what I would cut out so it was fine with me and I ve seen some reviews that gave up on the audio version I can see where this could be tedious at times to listen to plus, keep track of all the characters , but I think for a DEBUT, this was absolutely fantastic and I will be sure to continually recommend it Review Date 7 8 19Publication Date 6 25 19

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