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Tell Me Everything I won this in a giveaway I have so many thoughts.I liked this book The writing is good, the plot moves fast, and the characters are interesting My problem with this book is that the book has nothing to do with the synopsis The blurb on the back of the book says Tell Me Everything is in the tradition of In A Dark Dark, Wood and The Couple Next Door The synopsis says a murder at an elite New England college tears apart a group of friends One of them will test the limits of what she s capable of to stop the truth from coming out If I had read that book I would have given it 5 stars.What I read was a book about a creepy girl named Malin who in the first week of college becomes friends with five people and we follow them in their 1st and last years in college Malin reads her best friend s diary and silently hates her best friend s boyfriend We get flashbacks to her childhood and the very obvious tragic event that changed her life Oh and what about that murder that s so important to the story That takes place in the last 15 pages and has no affect on the greater plot I m being super nice by giving this book 3 stars Because I could ve given it 1 star but I m choosing to not rate this based off of the lying synopsis but based off of the actual story I read Tell Me Everything is great character study I liked watching the slow unraveling of this tight knit group of friends as they prepared to leave co Tell Me Everything Download Author Cambria Brockman A Murder At An Elite New England College Tears Apart A Group Of Friends And One Of Them Is Playing A Dangerous Game In This Electrifying Debut In The Tradition Of In A Dark, Dark Wood And The Couple Next Door.In Her First Weeks At Hawthorne College, Malin Is Swept Up Into A Tight Knit Circle That Will Stick Together Through All Four Years There S Gemma, An Insecure Theater Major From London John, A Tall, Handsome, And Wealthy New Englander Max, John S Cousin And A Shy Pre Med Major Khaled, A Wise Cracking Prince From Abu Dhabi And Ruby, A Beautiful Art History Major But Malin Isn T Quite Like The Rest Of Her Friends She S An Expert At Hiding Her Troubling Past She Acts As If She Is Concerned With The Preoccupations Of Those Around Her Boys, Partying All While Using Her Extraordinary Insight To Detect Their Deepest Vulnerabilities And Weaknesses.By Senior Day, On The Cusp Of Graduation, Malin S Secrets And Those Of Her Friends Are Revealed While She Scrambles To Maintain Her Artfully Curated Image, Her Missteps Set In Motion A Devastating Chain Of Events That Ends In A Murder And As Their Fragile Relationships Hang In The Balance And Close Alliances Start Shifting, Malin Will Test The Limits Of What She S Capable Of To Stop The Truth From Coming Out.In A Mesmerising Novel That Peels Back The Innumerable Layers Of A Seductive Protagonist, Debut Author Cambria Brockman Brings To Life An Entrancing Setting Through A Story Of Friendship, Heartbreak, And Betrayal. Enjoyed this college mystery Not too twisty but was still a fun read. A group of friends from college living together each has their own agenda whether it be dreams of wealth and grandeur, love from someone else s partner or just covering what they can t have what could possibly go wrong Tell Me Everything opens with Senior Day, where we learn nothing will ever be the same, but then we flash back to Freshman year to learn what and why everything changes Told in alternating timelines, with additional flashbacks to our narrator Malin s childhood, we begin to learn about each of the friends The writing style kept me engaged from start to finish and I flew through this interesting ride at times of a character study, but the mystery is still at the root of the novel I heard this one has I won this in a Goodreads giveaway Tell Me Everything Written by Cambria BrockmanReview written by Diana Iozzia Bookworm Banter Tell Me Everything was not the book that I expected it to be, which was disappointing Now, according to the description, we have the main character, Malin, who quickly becomes a part of a strange friend group at a prestigious Also, we read in the events and secrets that occur in this story will build up to a murder Then, Malin will fight for the truth to stay hidden So, I was wrong thinking this book to be a part of the dark academia genre, similar to The Secret History , If We Were Villains , Black Chalk , and Unfortunately, the entire book is all about the trials and lies each character in the friend group goes through, until the murder occurs at a point that I felt to be too late in the book The resolution fell very flat for me.So, after realizing about halfway through that I completely misread the story, I was determined to still enjoy the book I think I did for the most part, but this book completely let down any expectation I had For deep details of various college parties, awkward and sinister sexual encounters, and friendship betrayal, look no further.The novel is told in three parts as Malin is a child, suffering through the abuse and violence of her older brother Levi, the freshmen year of college, and the last year of college We see how Malin s horrific childhood allows her to develop into a secret Tell Me Everything es una novela narrada durante un periodo universitario completo, aunque tambi n hay algunas retrospecciones a la infancia de Malin, la protagonista y voz narradora de la historia El ritmo es pausado y los cap tulos largos, pero es inquietantemente adictiva, debido sobre todo al misterio que gira alrededor de la fr a y extra a personalidad de Malin, y los secretos que se sugieren, sobre todo, al final de cada cap tulo.La historia se centra en la amistad inseparable entre un grupo de j venes tres chicos y tres chicas que esconden muchos secretos y sentimientos, y que desencadena en situaciones extremas y destructivas Ambientada en una universidad de lite, describe a la perfecci n el glamur y la frivolidad de la vida estudiantil de los j venes de clase alta.Dir amos que recuerda a la atm sfer A tightly written, assured debut thriller with a strong cast of characters and one of the most disturbing in a good way and complicated protagonists since The Girl on the Train. ARC provided by the author for an honest review4.5 5 starsThis was a really good book One of the best thrillers I ve read in the new adult genre I loved the mystery of the main character because it kept me wanting to read to figure out her backstory and why she was the way she was There was a lot of foreshadowing at the end of each chapter which added intrigue because it made you want to figure out what Malin was referring to Malin as a character and narrator was very interesting I loved how protective she was about Ruby and how she always tried to help her group of friends always listening to them and giving them advice even if they didn t want her advice I f In this story you follow the lives relationships surrounding 3 girls and 3 guys who meet in their freshman year in college Nearly all come from affluent families, or at least lead the others to believe There is Khaled, from Dubai who s parents buy him a house near campus to share with his friends Also in the group is John and Max, who happen to be cousins but a blood line is about all they have in common Gemma is going for a theater major but surprisingly is fairly insecure Then there is Ruby, the attractive art major who is outgoing The last, and somewhat narrator of the story, is Malin, who is quiet, reserved but the one everyone wants to bear their souls to As the story progresses you realize that all in the group are hiding secrets, but none than Malin, whose past sticks to her soul like a shadow on a bright sunny day The story flips back and forth between their freshman year, their senior year and a day in Texas in 1997, when life changed for Malin The plot that unfolds was interesting enough but is probably best appreciated by a younger crowd I tired easily of everyone s self centered views and immature actions There comes a time in everyone life when they discov

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