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Tell Me How You Really Feel Thank GOD this was as good as I wanted and needed it to be This book is such a happy place and I m so excited for fellow rom com lovers to love it and ship Sana and Rachel as hard as I do. This is a decent enemies to lovers story I say decent because so many so called love hate relationships are so tame There s no real hate, just annoyance There s also no real reason to hate the other person, just mild disagreements But what I liked about this book is that it shows how two people in this case two teen girls can misjudge one another completely, assuming they have nothing in common and no way to connect, only to find themselves being drawn to one another almost unconsciously Both protagonists Sana and Rachel have their own lives, yet somehow their lives become intertwined when they have a misfortunate or perhaps very fortunate accident that results in them having to work together for some time It s hard to hate someone or keep hating someone when you re both working toward a common goal, unless you re a masochist who would rather fight continuously I say masochist because, yes, you re hurting the other person during fights but you re also very much hurting yourself Watchin Sana Khan Is A Cheerleader And A Straight A Student She S The Classic Somewhat Obnoxious Overachiever Determined To Win.Rachel Recht Is A Wannabe Director Who S Obsesssed With Movies And Ready To Make Her Own Masterpiece As She S Casting Her Senior Film Project, She Knows She S Found The Perfect Lead Sana.There S Only One Problem Rachel Hates Sana Rachel Was The First Girl Sana Ever Asked Out, But Rachel Thought It Was A Cruel Prank And Has Detested Sana Ever Since.Told In Alternative Viewpoints And Inspired By Classic Romantic Comedies, This Engaging And Edgy YA Novel Follows Two Strongwilled Young Women Falling For Each Other Despite Themselves. releases11 June 2019it s been YEARS and YA just hasn t been catering to my interest in sapphic romantic comedies AND NOW HERE WE ARE LOOK HOW FAR WE VE COME, MY DUDES ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest reviewwhispers softly the cover is so beautifulFirst and most of all, let s look at the cover and appreciate it for what it is I ve talked so much about how het romances have covers which outright show a boy and girl softly gazing at one another But gay love stories never have soft covers like that Seeing this cover was so nice In fact, it was than nice because it was adorable and very clearly Sapphic and look at how fond THESE GIRLS ARE It s also good to have covers that are lowkey, for readers living in homophobic, unsafe places But it s validating to have covers like this one, that are outright I wish I had this in middle school high school But we have it in our hands now, which I m appreciating with my entire heart As for the story itself disappointed sigh This was certainly a romantic comedy, if nothing else It felt like something from a cheesy television channel i.e 1 standard storyline including karaoke and 24 7 needless drama I have absolutely zero patience for unwarranted assholes sometimes these characters Rachel were assholes withou This was cute as shit This is an adorable YA f f romance that I didn t know I needed until I read it It s hate to love and both of these two main characters were so fleshed out and this story gave me so much life.We have Sana, this absolutely gorgeous cheerleader who is also a very out of the closet lesbian She gets described in this book as a south Asian Elizabeth Taylor Then we have Rachel Who is taking a film class and she s directing her first film for this project, and she absolutely hates Sana because Sana asked Rachel out when they first met and Rachel thought she was making fun of her Rachel s family is very poor, her Mom walked out on them and her and her Father are barely making it Sana comes for a wealthier family because her Mother is a producer and she s worked her way up in Hollywood, but she has a complicated relationship with her Father Because of a hilarious situation that happens in the beginning her film teacher requires Sana to be the lead actress in Rachel s film, and this understandably upsets her because she s her biggest enemy But then the two start to bond and get to know each other, and it s freaking cute I absolutely love movies as much as I love books so it was very fun to read about a character who also loves movies and is directing her own Not sure why she hates Tarantino s films so much though, he s a legend but whatever lol I m also from what time is it checks watch sad boi hour Listen up, my 2.3 followers I am most definitely not over the moon I am under the moon because I had hoped that this could be one of my favorites of 2019 It is not Thank you so much to Feiwel Friends for providing me w an arc of this in exchange for review This is an honest review 3 Nonetheless, three stars is NOT a bad rating I actually really enjoyed this book and was thoroughly engaged for the majority of it Therefore, I would like to list all of the quite good things I mean, can we talk about the cover I would like to devote 4 and a half sonnets dedicated to how amazing the cover is and how important it will be to readers to see themselves on the cover and the marvel that is the TWO BROWN LESBIANS ON THE COVER YES The sexuality within this novel isn t presented as something the main characters ever need to tackle with it s completely natural and casual Both the characters have already known for a while exactly who they re interested in girls And there aren t many extreme occasions of homophobia but there are microaggressions Filming is a huge part DNFI wanted SO BADLY to adore this, but these characters are whew I hated them both from their respective introductions and there s no reprieve in sight They re both so arrogant and Rachel is legitimately a cruel hearted bully from the first page we meet her on, and while I know a lot of readers will have fun watching the character development that I m sure probably occurs later on in this story, I couldn t make it through well enough to find out idk about you guys, but seeing a book cover that really explicitly shows two girls who are into eachother is giving me all kinds of feels When I was a kid reading YA, I didn t even know showing f f couples in books was a thing, and now we re putting them loud and proud on the cover an the sapphic energy of that cover alone makes me want to run in circles wearing nothing but a pride flag

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Aminah Mae Safi is a writer who explores art, fiction, feminism, and film She loves Sofia Coppola movies, Bollywood endings, and has seen all of the Fast and Furious franchise She lives in Los Angeles, CA with her partner and a cat bent on world domination and another cat that is just here for the snacks Her 2016 We Need Diverse Books winning story will appear in their forthcoming anthology F

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