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The Bone Charmer A captivating story that will leave you eager for In a world where seventeen year olds are assigned a future based on a kenning, or reading of the bones, Saskia gets in an argument with her mother and breaks one of the bones, splintering her future into two different paths The story unfolds following each timeline, alternating between the two possible futures for Saskia The novel explores the themes of fate versus choice, as well as the sacrifices we make for the ones we love I was fascinated by both of Saskia s futures, and by both boys vying for her heart In both timelines, Saskia uncovers secrets and dark magic that threaten her present and her future, Reviews like this can also be found on my blog, Vicariously Voraciously ARC received via Netgalley for a fair reviewPublish date May 21, 2019In a world where your future can be told by a bone charmer, society is balanced by those who can set a person on the best fit path But when Saskia has her own reading and is given a future she didn t think she wanted she accidentally breaks a bone in her reading The breaking of the bone splits her future into two and she must find a way to consolidate them as well as piece the bone back together before she may cease to exist All the while something seedier is playing in the background that brings danger lurking at her door.The Story This book was so much than I expected At first I only really cared about one of the POV, but I learned to cherish both sides of the story Obviously in the end one of the stories is thought to stop existing, but I was definitely set up for a surprise with the direction the story went.Fighting the future is reminiscent of time travel and going back in in time to fix things Except instead of changing something in the past and then seeing the reaction you don t quite know if the future is what your reaction is going to be Anyway, all if it is so mind boggling and I guess I can understand how some people don t really care for futures time travel books, but when they re done this well I relish it.The World Building So the world building isn t super in depth We have this In Saskia S World, Bones Are The Source Of All Power They Tell The Future, Reveal The Past, And Expose Secrets In The Present Each Village Has A Designated Seer Who Performs Readings For The Townsfolk, And In Midwood, The Bone Charmer Is Saskia S Mother.On The Day Of Her Kenning A Special Bone Reading That Determines The Apprenticeships Of All Seventeen Year Olds Saskia S Worst Fears Come True She Receives An Assignment To Train As A Bone Charmer, Like Her Mother, And Even Worse, A Match Making Reading That Pairs Her With Bram A Boy Who Has Suspicious Tattoos That Hint Of Violence.Saskia Knows Her Mother Saw Multiple Paths For Her, Yet Chose One She Knew Saskia Wouldn T Want Their Argument Leads To A Fracture In One Of The Bones Broken Bones Are Always Bad Luck, But This Particular Set Of Bones Have Been Infused With Extra Magic, And So The Break Has Devastating Consequences Saskia S Future Has Split As Well Now She Will Live Her Two Potential Paths Simultaneously Only One Future Can Survive And Saskia S Life Is In Danger In Both. ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you I had pretty high hopes for this one, but I m quite disappointed the writing was good, but the world and characters were weak This book reminded me strongly of Tessa Gratton s Strange Grace the heroine, Saskia, is the daughter of the town s leading Bone Charmer, a witch who uses bones to see the future But when a bone reading to see her future goes wrong, Saskia becomes trapped in two realities In one reality, she s been paired with Bram, a boy she s spent her life being terrified of in another, she s with Declan, a boy she used to love but is now acting suspiciously In both realities, she s in danger Okay, so first of all the worldbuilding was weak and confusing.There are a whole bunch of bone magics available in addition to bone charming, there s bone breaking, bone singing, etc I struggled to keep these different areas clear in my head It doesn t help that each individual bone magic seems to have a bunch of other names too, e.g bone singers are also called Watchers Even Saskia s own area of expertise, bone charming, wasn t always explained very well I have absolutely no idea of how the other areas work.The physical worldbuilding was also poor Nothing I really enjoyed this Sliding Doors esque story The two timelines Saskia ends up in were both so intriguing that they kept me turning the pages Bram totally stole my heart The magic, world, and characters are well crafted and compelling I loved how The Bone Cha See this full review along with others on my blog at foalsfictionandfiligree.com I received an ARC of this book from Page Street Kids via Netgcalley in exchange for an honest review Thank youAll included quotes have been taken from an ARC and may not match the finished publication. Content Warning Death, Murder, Overall morbid vibe with the theme of bones Tomorrow my future will be decided by my dead gran s finger bones It s how my whole life has been determined with bones and blood and snapping flames. The Bone Charmer is a twisty little devious book and I absolutely loved it To be completely honest, I ve never read anything quite like it The Bone Charmer is creative, exploratory, and crafty You ll notice that my review for this book will be shorter than my normal reviews, because I just don t want to spoil anything for anyone which, should be everyone who picks up this book It d be very difficult to talk about certain topics without it becoming spoilery, so I just won t Saskia is the protagonist Living in the town of Midwood, in a world where the bones of ancestors hold sway for everything, life looks very differentMasons craft the bone flutes that Watchers use to control animals and the weapons that Breakers use to protect our country Mixers blend bone potions that Healers use to treat patients And, of course, Charmers perform readings on us allSaskia comes from a family of Bo PLEASE tell me there will be a sequel to this RTC So very impressed with this book It took me a few chapters to really settle into the way that Breeana Shields wanted to tell this story, but once I was there I was hooked Saskia s life has has always been dictated by bone reading Each moment painstakingly created so that she ll stay on the path to her happiest life That is, until it s her turn to find her true calling I can t remember if I knew that this book was about to split into two stories, or not, but I can tell you that it s a wonderful way to navigate Saskia s journey.First off, let me be the first to assure you that there is no love triangle in The Bone Charmer You have no idea how happy that made me, since that s one of my pain points in YA lately Instead, there are two very seperate romances here As Saskia s life splits off, one road leading to what she believed she wanted and one road leading to what her mother believed was best for her, these two romances grow in very different ways I absolutely loved how Shields doesn t shy away from putting Saskia through all manner of trials As I really liked the author s Poison s Kiss duology, so when I saw this one was from her as well, I hopped right on to read it The idea of the story line being dual POV from the same MC but with a different version of herself was a neat concept Have you ever wondered what your life would have been like if you d taken a different path I ve often wondered that, and this story gave a cool glimpse into two separate paths with a fantasy spin on it I d have to say Saskia s bone charmer chap UPDATE 1 28 The cover for THE BONE CHARMER is live, and I couldn t be excited This gorgeous cover was designed by Kylie Alexander and illustrated by Mina Price I love the exquisite attention to detail and how many of the story elements they captured in both of Saskia s realities I hope you love th

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