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Humans: A Brief History of How We Fucked It All Up An Exhilarating Journey Through The Most Creative And Catastrophic F Ck Ups In Human History, From Our Very First Ancestor Falling Out Of That Tree, To The Most Spectacular Fails Of The Present Day In The Seventy Thousand Years That Modern Human Beings Have Walked This Earth, We Ve Come A Long Way Art, Science, Culture, Trade On The Evolutionary Food Chain, We Re Real Winners But, Frankly, It S Not Exactly Been Plain Sailing, And Sometimes Just Occasionally We Ve Managed To Really, Truly, Quite Unbelievably F Ck Things Up.From Chairman Mao S Four Pests Campaign, To The American Dustbowl From The Austrian Army Attacking Itself One Drunken Night, To The World S Leading Superpower Electing A Reality TV Mogul As President It S Pretty Safe To Say That, As A Species, We Haven T Exactly Grown Wiser With Age So, Next Time You Think You Ve Really F Cked Up, This Book Will Remind You It Could Be So Much Worse

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    Humans is a book you will learn lots of new information from, and not only that but what you do learn is interesting and engaging, albeit a little depressing To create a contrast between the darkness of most of what we are told, Phillips adds humour which lightens the mood somewhat T

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    Funny and depressing

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    The story of human progress starts with our capacity for thinking and creativity That s what sets humans apart from other animals and it s also what leads us to make complete tits of ourselves on a regular basis. Author Tom Phillips studied Archaeology, Anthropology and the History and Philosoph

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    This is a fascinating book told with wit, humour and sarcasm It chronicles some of the colossal mistakes mankind has made throughout history to the detriment of their environment, their countries, the planet, the atmosphere and now outer space Incompetent or deranged leaders, blunders in war, exploration, science

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    Take a base of Guns, Germs, And Steel Add a dash of Sapiens Top with swearing and a cynical, snarky, funny look at humanity How we got quite this far is a little amazing.Is this entertainment yes Is there some honest to goodness history in here absolutely Do the dispiriting examples weave together into a seri

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    Tom Phillips has my fucking cynical sadistic heart. as I repeatedly tell my friends, god, I hate humanity which this book clarifies is a true statement The book charted how history and the historical figures involved are fucking flawed as hell and make fucking shit decisions But, Tom Phillips is a babe, a funny as hell babe This boo

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    This book s mission statement was to make me feel better about us humans being such colossal fuck ups, by reminding me that it was ever so but if anything that only made me feel depressed After all, if we ve always been like this, then there s no chance that the current downhill road is just a trend, a brief dark hour we might one day cross

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    A fun pop history book about how we sadly never learn That said, don t look for something deeper here It s essentially BuzzFeed in book form It worked well as a palate cleanser.

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    Horrifying and entertaining look at human behavior It s amazing we ve hung around as long as we have w o destroying ourselves at the writing of this brief review humans were still alive on Earth, tomorrow may be another story

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    P 19 But while the human brain is remarkable, it is also extremely weird, and prone to going badly wrong at the worst possible moment We routinely make terrible decisions, believe ridiculous things, ignore evidence that s right in front of our eyes and come up with plans that make absolutely no sense Our minds are capable of imagining concertos and cities and the theory o

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