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This Here Be The First Ever Graphical Novel Book By Craig Thompson It Was Winnning A Harvey Award, No Less It Documentates The Once Upon A Time In Our Fishing Village Town And A Short Turtle Lad Name Of Chunky, Last Name RiceMister Chunky Rice Be Living In The Same Rooming House Likewise Myself, Only That Boy Be Restless Looking For Something And He Puts Hisself On My Brother Chuck S Ship And Boats Out To Sea To Find It Only He Be Departin From His Bestest Of All Friends, His Deer Mouse, I Mean, Mouse Deer Chum DandelNow Why In A Whirl Would Someone Leave Beyond A Buddy Just What Be That Turtle Lad Searchings For I Said You Best Read The Book To Find Out Merle Said, Doot Doot Good-Bye, Chunky Rice

About the Author: Craig Thompson

Craig Ringwalt Thompson b September 21, 1975 in Traverse City, Michigan is a graphic novelist best known for his 2003 work Blankets Thompson has received four Harvey Awards, two Eisner Awards, and two Ignatz Awards In 2007, his cover design for the Menomena album Friend and Foe received a Grammy nomination for Best Recording Package.

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    When you take a look at Good bye, Chunky Rice with it s almost comical style of illustrations and cute, talking animal characters, for the first time, you will be almost duped into believing that this is a children s book and give it a pass this nearly happened for me After reading through a few pages, I was so engrossed in this tale of friendship, loss and longing for lost companions in life, that I sat still for a long time after fi

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    Graphic Novel of the DecadeI read this book with a music in my mind Those musical notes were melancholic and were not from an earphone bud Rather, it was from the plucked strings of my aching heart that vibrated with each stroke of the strip drawn by Craig Thompson.Good Bye, Chunky Rice, was written in the year 1999 as the first work of Craig Thompson which won him the Harvey Award for Best New Talent I read the last page and sat for a

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    I have mixed feelings about Craig Thompson s debut graphic novel, winner of the 2000 Harvey Award for Best New Talent On the one hand, the plot is very slim tiny turtle boy with huge bug eyes hardly says a word but inexplicably decides to leave his hometown, only to be treated as a punching bag by the people he encounters Nothing to write home about On the other hand, it is already obvious that Craig Thompson is a very gifted cartoonist who

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    This is Chunky Rice He is a turtle, which means he carries his home on his back He is meant to travel the world.This is Dandel, the deer mouse who loves and is loved by Chunky Rice But Chunky will be leaving soon, which causes both of them pain.The relationship between Chunky and Dandel is not the only precious one in this book There is also Solomon, the lonesome, elementary tongued bachelor who nurses a bird named Merle back to health after h

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    You know that feeling when you see something for the first time, and it perfectly defines an undefinable emotion Like the first time you heard Pink Floyd s Great Gig in the Sky Same thing here This book manages to completely encapsulate that raw loss of friends, of family, of innocence, of whatever while going to seek your fortune I don t want to sound corny, but it s like an elegy to what you leave behind in order to get to your future.

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    I missed the boat on this one I really didn t get much from it I love Craig Thompson s work Blankets and Habibi are beautiful stories I like the artwork here, but I really don t get what is going on with turtle.We start with the lovely friendship of mouse and turtle One day turtle leaves to go explore and I didn t really get why The rest of the book, mouse misses turtle and turtle is seeing the weird wide world, but he looks like he misses mouse too

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    A book full of tenderness, of loving and saying goodbye.

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    Hm Where to begin let s start with the good.Solomon s dialect This is the only thing giving the book any sense of place As no place is ever mentioned except the fictional Kahootney Islands, it was nice to have an anchor, even if it was only a gulf coast Louisiana accent that did it Solomon s dialect also made him one of theendearing characters, in my opinion Also, the book is well drawn While I find some of the transitions and juxtapositions gimmicky, it

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    Probably I m wrong to leave Aw, man Where do I begin This was extremely sad and even though the turtle and mouse seemed to be in love they were both pushing each other apart The turtle kept talking about leaving The mouse kept telling him he needed to leave The turtle at one point says, view spoiler come with me The mouse says, no this is any home You re the lost one not me hide spoiler Then some really weird stuff happens on a ship And there s a whole other

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    This felt under developed to me We don t really see enough of Chunky and Dandel s relationship to really feel the sense of it ending People ask Chunky why he s leaving, and he always just says I don t know well, maybe if we knew why he had to leave, we d have felt sympathy for him having to leave his best friend, but we don t, so I just wondered whether he really needed to go at all I couldn t feel sorry for him if it didn t seem necessary for him to go.Another

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