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Once Upon a Time in Compton good book, alot of detail and war stories on the biggie and tupac murders. This is a very comprehensive look into the lives of two men who were integral in trying to help solve the murders of Tupac and Biggie It s than that though as we also learn about the underbelly of the hip h KINDLE Once Upon A Time In Compton Author Tim Brennan Bogou.us From Gangsta Rap To Gang Wars And Everything In Between Former Compton Police Officers Tim Brennan And Robert Ladd Have Seen It All And Now, They Re Telling All. For Twenty Years, Gang Unit Detectives Tim Brennan And Robert Ladd Patrolled The Streets Of Compton They Witnessed The Birth And Rise Of Gangsta Rap With Acts They Knew Personally, Such As N.W.A And D.J Quik Dealt Firsthand With The Chaos Of The L.A Riots, Its Aftermath, And The Gang Truce That Followed Were Involved In The Investigations Of The Murders Of Hip Hop Stars Tupac Shakur And The Notorious B.I.G., And Were Major Players In An All Out Tug Of War With City Hall That Ultimately Resulted In The Permanent Shut Down Of The Compton Police Department Through It All, They Developed An Intricate Knowledge Of Gangs And The Streets And A Methodology That Has Been Implemented By Local Law Enforcement Agencies Across The Country Their Compassionate And Fair Approach To Community Policing Earned Them The Respect Of Citizens And Gangbangers Alike This Story Told With Bestselling Author Lolita Files, Whose Research With Brennan And Ladd Has Spanned Over Four Years Is A Firsthand Glimpse Into A World During An Era Many Have Heard About In Song And Legend, But Have Rarely Had The Opportunity To Witness At Ground Level, From The Inside Out, Through The Eyes Of Two Men Who Witnessed And Experienced It All. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in an honest perspective of Compton in the 80s and 90s The purpose of this book is not to thrill the reader with conspiracies Instead, the purpose is to tell the truth from the eyes of police officers Brennan and Ladd Brennan and Ladd have many interesting stories to tell, but to tie them all together into one book prove The big pictureThis was a great read I appreciated the dedication and loyalty to their job and the city of Compton that was reflected here Public service is a public trust Sadly not everyone in these types of positions takes this seriously God bless our law enforcement Great inciteGreat incite into the gang battles of Compton during the late 80s and through the 90s Very good incite into the Tupac and Biggie murders Lays the facts down better than any other source I ve read prior Doesn t deal with conspiracy theories but just the facts. Eye opening back story of rise of gangs and rap Made me watch movie , straight outta Compton and documentaries on Tupac and Biggie sad life stories, talents wasted , mother s loss It kept me engaged from cover to cover. I picked this book mostly out of interest for the topic a look into Compton from the eyes of a cop With the recent releases of LA92 and the various police brutality cases lately I was interested to see it from another perspective.The first half of the book was normalizing an abusive culture, with examples included where police planted drugs and made excuses for arrests The author did little to act apologetic or condemn those actions The second half of the book focused on the major crimes t I had no idea about the history of Compton PD, growing up, I spent a lot of time in Carson and Gardena which was right next to Compton during the Mid 70 s all the way through the early 2000 s I was always told to stay out of the CPT if I could help it and I did because of all the war stories The year of the Rodney King riot, I volunteered with a local church to feed Thanksgiving dinner and it was a miserable sight All the burned down lots, damaged properties wa

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