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Úkol přežít Barliona Virtu Ln Sv T Narvan K Prasknut Monstry, Bitvami A Samoz Ejm Hr I Miliony Hr , Kte Mohou D Lat Absolutn Cokoliv Levelovat, Bojovat Proti Sob , Str Vit Ve H E Cel Ivot A U T Si Ka D Moment St T Se Legendou Jedin , Co Tv Rci Hr M Neumo Nili, Je C Tit Fyzickou Bolest Ale Ka D Pravidlo M Svou V Jimku Pro V Zn , Kte Si Do Hry P I Li Odpykat Sv J Trest, Se Barliona Stala Osobn M Peklem Odsouzenc Se Toti Sl Va A Dra Zlato Net Kaj , Zato Vy Erp N A Bolest Jsou V Udyp Tomn Nepr Vem Uv Zn N Mahan Se Ale Odm T Vzd T I Pot , Co Skon Zav En V Dole S Mizivou Nad J Na Nik Pokud Se Chce Do Kat Konce Sv Ho Trestu, M Jedin Kol P E T

About the Author: Vasily Mahanenko

Be the first to know when Vasily Mahanenko s next book is available Follow him at to get an alert whenever he has a new release, preorder, or discount Vasily Mahanenko is a fantasy author working in the new genre of LitRPG the MMO based fantasy and sci fi His Way of the Shaman series took Russian literature by storm in 2012.Vasily dipped into his college days insider knowledge as a hardcore gamer in order to create a believable world of the virtual reality MMO game His bestselling series combines fiction and video games, telling the story of Shaman and his friends stuck in the ruthless reality of Barliona He used histhan ten years experience as an ERP implementation project manager to approach his writing in a well organized manner, working to a strict schedule, a set of deadlines and even a budget At the moment, the series boasts six novels with the seventh one in the works this time the author expands on stories of Shaman s companions and those who helped and supported him in his trials and tribulations.The first book of the series has already been translated into English, withtranslations to follow, aiming to make the Way of the Shaman series available to the English language reader in its entirety.Vasily s other passion is space exploration which is why he now works on a follow up series entitled Galaktiona Set in a space simulator based world, the first book of the series in already finished while Vasily works on its sequel.

10 thoughts on “Úkol přežít

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    A short disclaimer in the beginning If you hate MMORPGs, avoid this book like plague If you have never participated in a raid, if you have never cursed your healer for not doing his job during a boss battle, if you have never thou

  2. says:

    This is the best VRMMO story i ve read, certainly better than the later books of the Alterworld series Since the vrmmo sub genre is a staple of eastern fantasy, this book blends some of better points of both western and eastern fantasy Sy

  3. says:

    This is the first RPG based book I ve read well Ready Player One is based on game play but not like this and the Alter World series I read the 2 in this series and then picked up the Alter World series In my humble opinion this is a superior seri

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    2 stars for good potential I liked what I saw of the book but the writing style was too undeveloped to carry me very far I felt there was a lot of waste here as far as things being poorly expressed as opposed to displayed in the manner aexperienced write

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    3.5 5 4 stars B Jonathan Yen really made this book for me I was stuck in the middle of ebook but when I started to listen to the audiobook it captured my interest again I think that was due to the excellent narration.I really appreciate the creativity of the aut

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    This was my first foray into the genre of LitRPG and this quite possibly is an obvious conclusion but you d have to be a fan of RPG, World of Warcraft for instance , to enjoy this book The main character, sentenced to a prison term inside a virtual world, spends a consi

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    A problem I have with most LitRPGs is that RPG mechanics are only fun in a broader context If you increase a character s strength in a game, you know the effect it will have on secondary statistics and future challenges But in a book where events just stumble forward arbitraril

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    So I got introduced to LitRPG yeah like D D I have to say, this book got my inner nerd that loved AD D thinking on calling friends to see who was up for a session Now its been years but I already sent them a few messages and everyone want to read this book if it woke up the D D soul ba

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    Could not force myself to read past Chapter 3 One star for writing a book.

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    Marvelous read Best starting book of an litrpg novel series It s a witty yet pleasant narrator And takes us through an experience which even the most advanced mmorpg can t deliver.

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