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Collected Stories of Ivan Bunin

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    Five stars If Chekhov had lived longer, would he have written short stories like these Would he have left Russia after the revolution To me, he is the greatest russian short story writer, and possibly the greatest ever, but after reading these stories and a novella , I might have to position Bunin alongside Chekhov,

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    Loved everything except Dry Valley which I gave up on will return to it later, when degeneration stories don t bore me quite so much.It s a shame that The Gentleman from San Francisco is his most famous work because it really isn t his best it is still good but I think mostly, it s just accessible to a western audience

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    This is a great collection of Bunin s stories, although not all inclusive I love the way he writes, how he involves all of your senses to allow you to experience the story as a memory.

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    Bunin describes nature beautifully But his characters are so consumed by love or lust that they end up killing themselves or their loved one There is no possibility of redemption, only despair about life I got tired of it after a few stories.

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    Maybe Chekhov was the Russian master, the authorial doctor crafting stories about the little tragedies and tales in daily life You would be hard pressed to find any autobiographical details that would allude to the man behind The Lady with the Lapdog or The Kiss and so forth Chekhov hides there, a casual observer, someone studying t

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    Despite winning the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1933, Ivan Bunin remains relatively unknown in the West This volume of Collected Stories is an excellent introduction to Bunin s writing, which features a unique lyrical beauty.Themes of love, loss and the Russian landscape dominate Bunin s stories, with many containing that sweet melanc

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    Undeniable talent, put in service to sickly nostalgia for a world that deserved to die The sorts of things that the likes of T C Boyle or Joyce Carol Oates will write after the world next turns upside down.

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    There are some very strong stories about life as a privileged landowner or serf in pre revolution Russia and about overly proud and arrogant capitalists and sundry kulaks The book winds up with stories about the joys and travails of seducing or forcing oneself on the young house serfs..typically around 15 years old or so, or falling in love wit

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    In this collection of his tales, it is interesting to see the development of Bunin s style during his career Since his earliest works, though, it is possible to see how clear and lyrical are his narratives, making justice to the tradition of great Russian tale authors Perhaps the quality of his prose cannot be equaled to that of Chekhov of Tolstoy,

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    One my my favorite finds this year Bunin s fantastic I d put him in the same handful as Edith Pearlman, William Trevor, J.S Powers, and Chekhov.Best story in the collection and the only one I d heard of before The Gentleman from San Francisco Other really, really good stories Ida, Chang s Dreams, Mitya s Love, Zoyka and Valeriya, Rusya, and Cleansing M

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About the Author: Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin

Ivan Alekseyevich Bunin Russian was the first Russian writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature He was noted for the strict artistry with which he carried on the classical Russian traditions in the writing of prose and poetry The texture of his poems and stories, sometimes referred to as Bunin brocade , is considered to be one of the richest in the language.Best known for his short novels