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Torchwood (Big Finish Torchwood, #1.4) Torchwood sempre Torchwood, indipendentemente dalla sua sede e, per questo quarto episodio targato Big Finish, abbiamo la leader di Torchwood 1 in visita ai colleghi di Torchwood 3.Conosciamo Yvonne Hartman dagli episodi Army of ghosts e Doomsday , episodi finali della seconda stagione di Doctor Who, l interpretazione resa da Tracy Ann Oberman regge da sola tutta la storia.Una trama un po banale viene riscattata da tutte le citazioni presenti.Siamo temporalmente poche settimane dopo l attacco degli Auton guidati dalla Coscienza Nestene Yvonne in contatto telefonico con Ianto e con lui parla della sua storia con Lisa Dentro la base di Cardiff incontra per modo di dire Jack, Tosh e Suzie mentre, sul teatro di un incidente in cui coinvolta, co For the first time, the audio series breaks out of the time period and core characters of the TV series, with a story focussing on Yvonne Hartman and set in the immediate aftermath of theDoctor Whoepisode Rose Hartman, of course, is the head of Torchwood One in London, and only appears in one episode, having been killed off before theTorchwoodTV series even started.The plot is, to be honest, fairly slight, concerning the murder of Cardiff mayoral candidates, and doesn t really make too much sense It s for that reason that I m knocking this down to three stars, but there s still a lot to like in this release.For one, there s the portrayal of Hartman herself, expanding on her one guest appearance We see a very driven and ruthless character, arguably efficient than many of the main ones in the actual TV series Her personality and background are fleshed out here, and are really the main focus of the play Which is as well, because the other main characters aren t really all that believable, something that s lampshaded at a couple of points.There are also some nice touches of humour, mainly at Hartman s expense In particular, there s a clear sense of a Londoner s stereotypical attitude towards any part of the UK that isn t London, and of the corresponding Welsh attitude to the capital This is done brilliantly, and there are plenty of moments It S Been Three Weeks Since The Mayor Of Cardiff Was Killed By A Shop Dummy And The Fight Is On To See Who Will Replace Him.Yvonne Hartman Is Visiting The City To Retrieve An Invaluable Alien Device She S In Charge Of Torchwood One, She S Saving The British Empire And She Doesn T Care About Local Politics But She Is Going To Find Herself Caught Up In That Fight There S A Bloodthirsty Alien Stalking The Streets And There S A Special Offer On At The All You Can Eat Chinese Buffet.It S The 26th Of March 2005 And It S The Day That Everything Changes. Set before Torchwood, three months after Rose left with Nine I m from London, I don t do local politics now that was great line.Canon bisexuality Yvonne knew Ianto We re not in the Valleys Internet on smartphones and blackmailing with picture 3.5 stars I actually enjoyed this a lot than I thought I would Story was meh but the actor playing Yvonne was brilliant. Quite enjoyable plot isn t the most complicated, but the drama here is around how Yvonne reacts to the plot, compared to how our typical protagonists would react Yvonne is done well here, supported well by the other cast, and I think captures the essence of the character we That was super I don t remember the character of Yvonne Hartman in the show but I bought this because I heard great things about it and was definitely not disappointed The storyline was a simple one, Yvonne Hartman comes from London to Cardiff to investigate the mysterious deaths of Local councillors the political sort, not the other types in the process she discovers diamond white by Yvonne Hartman is visiting Cardiff to get an artifact from local Torchwood they just don t know about it A city councillor ask for her protection, but she needs to keep a cool head to get to the bottom of what s happening to the town politicians.I didn t expect to enjoy this one so much, after all Yvonne is not the character I would have thought of including in a new series of Torchwood, but she fits so well in the puzzle that the show is We get to know a character that we know in the end believes than Oh, I liked this one Yvonne was such a badass Brave and ruthless and totally composed in the face of danger Awesome Hopefully, we get to meet her again. Bloody Brilliant I wasn t sure about getting this one as I barely remembered Yvonne but I d heard it was very good so decided to get it and I m so glad I did This was hilarious Yvonne was perfect She was heartless and so strong and a bad guy turned into an anti hero Incredibly competent and very funny full of g

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