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Animal Liberation The Book That Started A Revolution Since Its Original Publication In 1975, This Groundbreaking Work Has Awakened Millions Of Concerned Men And Women To The Shocking Abuse Of Animals Everywhere Inspiring A Worldwide Movement To Eliminate Much Of The Cruel And Unnecessary Laboratory Animal Experimentation Of Years Past In This Newly Revised And Expanded Edition, Author Peter Singer Exposes The Chilling Realities Of Today S Factory Forms And Product Testing Procedures Offering Sound, Humane Solutions To What Has Become A Profound Environmental And Social As Well As Moral Issue An Important And Persuasive Appeal To Conscience, Fairness, Decency And Justice, Animal Liberation Is Essential Reading For The Supporter And The Skeptic Alike.

About the Author: Peter Singer

Animal Liberation, widely regarded as the touchstone of the animal liberation movement Not all members of the animal liberation movement share this view, and Singer himself has said the media overstates his status His views on that and other issues in bioethics have attracted attention and a degree of controversy Excerpted from

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    Animal Liberation is the book that started the modern animal rights movement Peter Singer, the author, is an Australian philosopher He is the Ira W DeCamp Professor of Bioethics at Princeton University, and laureate professor at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics CAPPE , University of Melbourne He specializes in applied ethics, approaching ethical issues from a secular preference utilitarian perspe

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    I write this review from a place of some bias.Sausages Rotisserie chicken Lamb chops Bratwurst Roast Beef These words marked out the evenings of my childhood We ate meat twice a day, and on holidays thrice, moving through the day from a bacon fry up to a ham sandwich to a steak with mushroom sauce A meal without meat was considered incomplete, and vegetarianism was a scorned and alien disease that infected no one among my fa

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    I read the bible of the animal rights movement because I wanted to get some clue as to what is being thought I should consider all views in order to change, consolidate or move on my own position.On a very simple analysis, if you are guilty about existing and using the planets resources then this book will confirm your views and help you to rationalise your thoughts.If you feel that you are part of nature and have every right

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    Australian philosopher, Peter Singer, wrote Animal Liberation A New Ethics For Our Treatment of Animals over forty years ago I was still in high school and it was one of the buzz books of my generation I decided to re read it with the new additions this year because my son is a life long vegetarian, he loves animals and I wondered does it still hold up Would this younger generation still want to read it The answer is yes.The tre

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    So this book.I love this book for what it did for bringing animal rights into the semi mainstream Singer was a proper philosopher, not just a kookie hippie His importance cannot be overstated.But it wasn t a shocking or profound read for me personally, probably because it s so very influential I spend a lot of time reading about animal ethics, so nothing neither the animal abuses recounted nor the philosophical arguments ag

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    Animal Liberation is credited with launching the animal rights movement in the industrialized world when it was first published in 1975 by the then relatively unknown, Peter Singer You can blame all of the illogical stupidity of PETA on this book But PETA s antics tend to blind people to any logical discussion of the real points in Animal Liberation Singer does not support the animal rights movement epitomized by PET

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    Sur la couverture de la nouvelle dition fran aise en poche de La Lib ration animale, de Peter Singer, il y a un cheval, un cerf et une biche, un lion, un cavalier king charles, un paon, un faisan, deux l vriers afghans, un renard, deux pigeons, une petite salamandre jaune et noire, une belette et un dr le d oiseau Le cheval et le cerf se regardent comme si ils devaient d cider de la direction o mener toute leur petite troupe putain de

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    Peter Singer builds a step by step, iron clad ethical case for considering the welfare of animals as part of our ever expanding circle of moral consideration While non human animals may not be our equals in many respects, the only thing that really matters is their shared ability to experience pain and suffering Any attempt to draw a line between what makes humans worthy of consideration and non human animals not worthy of consideration

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    Normally I won t review nonfiction, since most of the time I don t even give them a star rating However, there a few exceptions First of all I may end up reviewing some memoirs since I consider a good memoir to be a blend of fiction and nonfiction think James Frey here, but also less sinister examples So my major exception will be this book I feel okay with reviewing this book because I do have a philosophy degree, and also because this b

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    Even after so many years, most people remains either unaware or indifferent to the horrible way we are treating animals Most people are unaware because it is difficult to see connections when you live in a city you never leave and just see a piece of red, inanimate matter wrapped in plastic that just tastes delicious.Animal liberation must have been a shocking book, a revelation to many people about the unfair use and abuse animals suffer b

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