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Level Up Geeky Introvert Tessa Rodriguez Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get Promoted To Video Game Engineer Including Create A Fandom Based Video Game In Just Three Weeks The Only Problem Is, She Can T Do It Alone Now, She Needs To Strong Arm, Cajole, And Otherwise Socialize With Her Video Game Coworkers, Especially Her Roommate, Adam, Who S Always Been Strictly Business With Her The They Work Together, Though, The Closer They Get Adam London Has Always Thought Of His Roomie Tessa As One Of The Guys Until He Agreed To Help Her With This Crazy Project Now, He S Thinking Of Her All The Time And Certainly As Something Than Just A Roommate But His Last Girlfriend Broke Up With Him To Follow Her Ambitions, And He Knows That Tessa Is Obsessed With Getting Ahead In The Video Game World Going From Friends To Something Is One Hell Of A Challenge Can Tessa And Adam Level Up Their Relationship To Love

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    WhatA book about gamers that actually portray them as normal human beings A heroine who actually has a backbone and gasp dreams A hero who doesn t sleep with every XX chromosome bearing human in the vicinity A healthy relationship between them, unmarred by misunderstandings, unnecessary angst and whatever crap most authors come up with to prolong the story And dare I mention A

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    forreviews, please visit Her Book Thoughts You re worth it And I m not just going to quietly let you go I m fighting for this one If you want a romance book that would fit to any young adult reader and above, this one is for you Level Up is the definition of Romantic Comedy Cathy Yardley just mixed the right ingredients to make a RomCom that stays away from cliche but stays close t

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    Oh, and Tessa Ani smirked I love that you combed your hair, but couldn t bother to put on a shirt Then she hung up.Tessa covered her bare breasts Damn it, she said I thought the camera was angled up higher This story was such a pleasant surprise and just what I needed to help me emerge from my 2017 reading slump With some notable exceptions, I have been having a hard time getting into

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    3.5 Stars This was cute My first read by this author and a good introduction I definitely plan on checking out the rest of this series andof her books.Here you get a slow burn between roommates close working conditions closer conditions when a storm rolls in and they have to huddle for warmthI really liked Adam and Tessa The evolution of their relationship felt natural and honest Throw in

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    A delightful darling of a tale Level Up is both a light and sweet roommates to friends to lovers romance and a girl, keep on kicking butt and taking names affirmation.The following goodies are in store for you All hail STEM heroines As a gal who has always, well, sucked at math, I can t emphasize enough my admiration of women thriving in their respective STEM Science, Technology, Engineering,

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    OMG Darling This book was darlingWelcome to my world I live with coders, designers, gamers, and so on And I loved reading about my world This book was a super quick read, had some great one liners and was just a ton of fun I adored Tessa, the heroine She s smart She s confident She wore a Sailor Moon costume To work no less I need to try that Course, I am to old for that and would probably scare t

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    So I guess you re the one using sex to sell, now She blushed, her cheeks going a deep dusty rose Sailor Moon isn t sexy Are you kidding Adam laughed That short skirt Long hair The boots with heels Totally sexy If you ve ever been into fandoms, I m pretty sure this book will be relatable It s such a fun, geeky book, with mentions of plenty of tv shows, games and anime And though these characters are in

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    This wasn t a bad book, per se, but it had a lot of weird moments.The Good I really liked Tessa a lot, she s an introvert who s working on getter better in social situations but she also is really ambitious about where she wants to be in her career, especially as a woman working in a heavily male dominated field I love that she succeeds and is recognized for her abilities I liked that the relationship was

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    This was a fun, quick, light read It was just what I needed after reading some darker books recently Adam is so cute I loved him And Tessa was great too I really liked the gaming cosplaying coding scene It was very entertaining Overall a great read, with endearing characters and a sweet, sexy love story My favorite scene from the whole book, thanks to Adam He stopped, then did the most perfect Sherlock hair r

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    Update 8 10 17It s so unmemorable, I literally don t even remember what it s about any And it s only been a month Sooo.I think it s time to downgrade.1.5 stars 2 starsWhen I got to the 85% mark, I realized that I had read this book before Talk about unmemorable Geeky fandom contemporaries are my frakking kryptonite Allonsy

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About the Author: Cathy Yardley

Cathy Yardley is an award winning author of romance, chick lit, and urban fantasy, who has sold over 1.2 million copies of books for publishers like St Martin s, Avon, and Harlequin She writes fun, geeky, and diverse characters who believe that underdogs can make good and that sometimes being a little wrong is just right.