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Pas Deirdre Tombs Is A Beta Without Her Alpha Everton Stark Is Missing, Just Days In Advance Of The Election To Replace Rylie Gresham As Leader Of All North American Shifters She Can T Control His Allies Any She Can T Win The Election Without HimEverything Will Be Lost Unless Deirdre Can Become A Better Monster Than Stark

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    I think my problem with this book, as with the rest of the series, was that it lacked focus I think that the author was trying to pull off a complex, intricately woven story where everything was connected to everything else, but all that everything got away from her early on and n

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    Great series but not the same without Everton Stark The plot s didn t quit add up and where a little of a mess You get thrown from left to right Try to follow up the author but know you are not really up to speed I missed a strong story line and I really missed Everton Stark, this char

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    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This is the last book in the War of the Alphas book At this point, everything you think you know about these characters from the first book has drastically changed Stark s motivation is not pure, Rylie is not evil, and God migh

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    When I first started War of the Alphas, I had high hopes for Deirdre and Stark The final volume of a series can make or break it, and no matter how much I enjoy the first or second in a series, if the concluding volume doesn t live up to the beginning, I find it affects my view on the whole thin

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    Reine is just so awesome at creating characters that are just chock full of interesting bits10 13I ve had this book for a long time and just now finished it today I m not sure exactly why I didn t inhale it like I had with other S.M Reine books I think I had a hard time relating or understanding Deid

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    3.5 StarsA dark urban fantasy that s book 4 in the War of the Alphas series This series is interlinked with most of her series, which lets the reader see a different perspective or explains what happened after other stories I love S M Reine s work and her extensive world building, but at times the charact

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    Pas An Urban Fantasy Novel Book 4 Well this was a disappointing end, to a sad story from the very beginning I haven t read that many books that I have completely delete from my collection, but the 4 of this series are getting dumped Deirdre Toombs even in the end is a sad, weak and pathetic woman I had hoped s

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    Pas is book 4 in the War of the Alphas series by SM Reine This series is a continuation of Reine s long running series which focuses on what happens after Genesis This is the final book in this set of the series The next continuation of the series will be the Mage Craft series which will premiere at the end of June

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    Godslayerthis whole series is excellent.I liked how Stark is dedicated to himself no matter what How Rylie wants to do right but can t because of her selfishness How Marion is a child but so smart But I especially like Deidre who is the center of the whole series How without her the plot falls apart She is what a hero i

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    BrilliantI ve read all the books up to this one and they are good reads I definitely recommend sm reine as an author.

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