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A Secret Vice OVERVIEWAlthough I m always excited about a new Tolkien book, I was hesitant about spending money on A Secret Vice since the essay that forms the core of the book is published in The Monsters and the Critics, which I already own Ultimately, I do think A Secret Vice is an engaging critical edition, and the editors made a good call to republish the essay as a standalone book with additional supporting material including an introduction, another essay on phonetic symbolism, a look at the various manuscripts revisions of the essay, and a coda about the legacy of Tolkien s languages The Monsters and the Critics basically just collects several of Tolkien s academic lectures The limited external commentary means the lectures can be overwhelming or confusing to readers who don t already have some knowledge about the topics the lectures address A Secret Vice fixes that problem and provides a nice introduction to settle readers into the linguistic theory that Tolkien used to invent the languages of Middle Earth, while also offering in depth material for academically minded readers Basically, I think this book works well for both a general audi Edited by Dimitra Fimi and Andrew Higgins, this work contains a manuscript edition of Tolkien s best known reflection on languages and their aesthetics his lecture on language invention titled A Secret Vice Beyond an annotated version of the various versions of this lecture, it also contains the first time publication of an additional talk or essay on the subject, the Essay on Phonetic Symbolism Finally, Fimi and Higgins provide a lengthy introduction to both texts and a short coda with reflections on the reception and elaboration of Tolkien s languages since, as well as some brief observations about the increas I was browsing the shelves of a bookshop when my eye was caught by a book that was about to placed between thematically similar volumes Its beautifully coloured cover seemed to call my attention just like the One Ring did coincidentally, the cover is designed like the One Ring Fortunately, I didn t spot any Gollums near, intent on taking back this precious gem.As a huge Tolkien fan and as a linguist I highly appreciate the efforts the editors made, in order to show us the creative process of the two essays that are annotated in this book Most people who read about Tolkien sooner or later stumble upon the phrase a secret vice , Tolkien s euphemism that refers to his leisurely activity of inventing languages This phrase is also the title of the first essay in this book It is a speech first delivered to the Johnson Society on 29 November 1931 and then slightly adjusted for a hypothesized second delivery some twenty years later In this essay Tolkien reflects on what he has been doing for the last 15 years playing with language He places this secret vice in a historical light and ultimately presents some of his own creations to the society The editors Fimi and Higgins are to be commended for their highly interesting attempts at tracing the origins of certain phrases and terms.The second essa There are so many editorial notes, explanations, introductions, and appendices that by the end I forgot that the main text was by Tolkien himself The editors set two of Tolkien s essays in context In A Secret Vice Tolkien s tone is almost one of confession that he is an inventor of languages just for the fun of it And almost as a side note, but of interest to those of us who mainly feast on The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, we glimpse the idea that a language needs a people to speak it, a world for them to live in, and a history influencing their thought and speech The second essay On Phonetic Symbolism is a bit academic and harder to understand, but the main idea seems to be that the sound of a language s words and the relationship between sound and meaning is important I love this final tribute the editors quote from Terry Pratchett that Tolkien appears in the fantasy universe in the same way that Mount Fuji appeared in old Jap I am extremely interested in lang and the creation of new languages although I was a lit student Informative introduction that explained the beliefs of Tolkien s contemporaries on language development and forms This was very helpful as it has been a while since I took a class on this subject Tolkien s essay was a great read and suitable for anyone who is into the subject of inventing fant Drs Fimi and Higgins have done Tolkien fans a real service with this new volume In addition to the key essay giving the book its title, they have uncovered several interesting addenda including a previously omitted section of the Vice essay, details on when the paper was delivered to an audience, and a related piece on phono aesthetics.The meaty introduction does a great job of synthesizing Tolkien would attempt to invent a hypothetical Germanic language from which Gothic supposedly emerged, Gautisk, which also would have been the language of the Geats, the people of Beowulf He would use the sam A language is not merely aesthetic and symbolic sounds grouped together to form a signifying point or message, but it is also the cultural and mythological history that is entrenched within every vowel and consonant The nerd in me comes out This is a great introduction into the world and art of creating languages And, it is jammed with information that any language nut will find interesting It is easy to read, easy to follow, and A Secret Vice Is The Title Of A Lecture Written By J R R Tolkien In 1931, Given At A Conference Some Twenty Years Later, Tolkien Revised The Manuscript For A Second Presentation.It Deals With Constructed Languages In General, And The Relation Of A Mythology To Its Language Tolkien Contrasts International Auxiliary Languages With Artistic Languages Constructed For Aesthetic Pleasure Tolkien Also Discusses Phonaesthetics, Citing Greek, Finnish, And Welsh As Examples Of Languages Which Have A Very Characteristic And In Their Different Ways Beautiful Word Form.Tolkien S Opinion Of The Relation Of Mythology And Language Is Reflected In Examples Cited In Quenya And Noldorin, The Predecessors Of Quenya And Sindarin The Essay Contains Three Quenya Poems, Oilima Markirya The Last Ark , Nieninque, And Earendel, As Well As An Eight Line Passage In Noldorin.From Wikipedia A Secret Vice is an important essay of Tolkien s that discusses invented languages, in which Tolkien first publicly acknowledged his own Originally published in the essay collection The Monsters and the Critics, this edition makes the essay accessible by offering conte

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