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Unfinished Business:Returning the Ministry to the People of God Comprehensive and compellingA lengthy, yet compellingly persuasive argument for the re establishment of the NT model of the priesthood of all believers for ministry A lot of focus on the problems with the clergy laity distinction and how to resolve that. This institutional legacy has quenched the release of the Spirit But a new vision is arising in the church today of a living organism in whom Christ dwells Therefore, the whole people of God are called to the ministry, which means exercising their function as priests to each other and to the broken world When we come to realize that there is only one people and therefore one ministry, God s people will be released to fulfill their callings Though Ogden makes many good points, his project is somewhat ironic For here we have a pastor preaching to the masses, striving to convince them of what is right This is certainly not incompatible with the goal of empowering the entire Church, but it s easy to drift from a healthy balance to an unhealthy extreme, and Ogden dances dangerously close to that line Fortunately, he never quite crosses th My reaction to this book was very mixed I am sympathetic to the author s overall project, and think that his central point that the logical implication of the Reformation doctrine of the priesthood of all believers is a bottom uP ministry structure is salutary There are, however, several flaws First, the author is overly optimistic in his assessment of many of the movements he thinks are spurring a new reformation This book was written in 2003, so some latitude can be given to the author for not anticipating all of the failures of the seeker movement in particular Second, the book is primarily technique oriented and only secondarily a biblical overview of ecclesiology This means that the book is not entirely complete it is addressing a fairly specific subset of issues, and doing so from of a pastor This book is a blessing My son recommended this book He had it as required reading for a seminary class and I m glad he and I both read it There s a lot of good presented here. This book takes the reader through the biblical and theological implications of the Reformation on ministry and how churches should build a permission based equipping approach to ministry I highly recommend it It brought clarity to me on several issues, especially on the role of an equipping pastor. The title Unfinished Business refers to Ogden s belief that the Reformation as it unfolded did much to bring the Church closer to the people, but did not quite finish the job I will grant that he makes some excellent arguments about the clergy having been placed in a new position, but still one that places them in a hierarchy between Jesus and his followers in too many cases but I am less sure that his prescriptions, alone, will significantly improve the situation There is lots of good stuff r Read Unfinished Business Returning The Ministry To The People Of God By Greg Ogden Jackkellyfilm.co.uk The Reformation Restored The Scriptures To The People, But The Job Was Only Halfway Finished Today The Church Is Awakening To The Truth That Ministry Is Not Just The Domain Of Clergy, But Belongs To The Entire Body Of Christ God Is Moving Her To Complete Her Unfinished Business Of Placing The Ministry Back In The Hands Of The People Unfinished Business Has Played A Pivotal Part In Helping The Church Reclaim Ministry At The Grassroots Level First Published In 1990 As The New Reformation, It Has Become A Classic Resource For Church Life Expanding On And Updating The Original Material With Fresh Examples And References To Eight Key Important Movements, This New Edition Lays Foundations For The Church To Move From Passive To Active Maintenance To Mission Clergy To People Of God Teacher Caregiver To Equipping Enabler Pointing Us Back To The Church As An Organism, Not An Institution, Author Greg Ogden Shows How Each Of Us Is Called To Help Finish The Reformation S Unfinished Business Expressing The Priesthood Of Every Believer Practically In The Church, The World, And All Avenues Of Life.

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Greg Ogden DMin, Fuller Theological Seminary lives out his passion of speaking, teaching, and writing about the disciple making mission of the church after spending twenty four years in pastoral ministry Most recently Greg served as executive pastor of discipleship at Christ Church of Oak Brook in the Chicago western suburbs From 1998 2002, Greg held the position of director of the Doctor of M

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