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The Tycoon's Stowaway Chantal and Brodie are a sweet couple I loved both the characters and their story Great quick read that makes you go awww. When picking up a Stefanie London book I can always be sure there will be blazing hot passion, scrumptious settings and really awesome fun and fresh characters But what makes her books so much fun to read is that each time she manages to surprise me with something new Of course the characters are new, the setting is new and the story is new, but it s the hero and heroine s personalities that manage to surprise and blow me away with every one of her books In this read she did it again, by taking a non traditional Mills and Boon Modern hero and changing him up in ways that had me thinking Why are of the hero s in these reads not like this It starts with Brodie, he is not the typical tycoon type, he s fun and laid back, hardworking yes but with that seriously sexy Let s get down and dirty at the beach because I am all about the party This being said there he does also have a hidden side behind the party boy attitude, he s a really big softie and takes really good care of his sisters Successful yacht charter owner, sexy party at the beach bad boy but I will take care of you at all costs , so yeah pretty much the perfect man His love interest from eight years ago, Chantal, makes quite the comeback into his life But seeing her dance for other men is not what he had in mind when she was in his fantasi Read The Tycoon S Stowaway Stefanie London Bandcamptomp3.co.uk The One That Got Away Luxury Yacht Tycoon Brodie Mitchell And Dancer Chantal Turner Haven T Seen Each Other Since That Fateful Night When The Searing Heat Between Them Ignited, Devastating Everything In Its Wake Yet It S Clear That Their Fire Has Never Dimmed Eight Years Ago, Their Irresistible Attraction Was Forbidden Now, They Re Both Single And Brodie S Determined To Get Chantal Out Of His System Even If He Can Only Offer A No Strings Fling On Brodie S Yacht, Exploring Their Electric Chemistry Opens Brodie S Eyes To What He Really Wants What He S Always Wanted Chantal This Time He S Going To Tame His Little Stowaway For Good Sydney S Most Eligible These Sexy Sydney Tycoons Didn T Get To The Top By Taking The Easy Way The Only Thing They Love Than A Challenge Is A Woman Who Knows Her Mind So Let The Fireworks Begin Book 1 Her Boss By Day By Joss WoodBook 2 The Millionaire S Proposition By Avril TremayneBook 3 The Tycoon S Stowaway By Stefanie LondonBook 4 The Hotel Magnate S Demand By Jennifer Rae Brodie and Chantal shared a moment eight years ago, a moment that ended the camaraderie in their group since it was forbidden Now it s water under the bridge as far as their friends are concerned, but how are Brodie and Chantal taking it, since all that sizzling chemistry is still there Spen I thoroughly enjoyed this sexy reunion romance by Stefanie London Brody and Chantal had a rocky start and neither expected a chance at love after their flirtation years ago effectively broke up their group of friends, as well as Brody s friendship with his best mate.Chantal s hard working, stubborn and independent, but there s something soft there calling out for some love and affection I warmed to her immediately She s had it tough and was determined to make her way in the world on her own after divorcing her controlling and manipulative ex husband With one unsuccessful audition after another, her dancing career was swirling the drain and then she accidentally booked a job in a dodgy dance club It s there that she s surprised by her old group of friends Brody was not only smoking hot, but a man I grew to respect and throughout the book His laid back exterior was so deceptive, hiding a man with a strong work ethic and a successful yacht charter business His best quality by far was his love and loyalty to his family The way he looked after his sisters melted my heart He s never had time for commitment hell, he s too busy with his business and looking out for his sisters Can he put himself first and go after what he wants than anything Chantal The sexual tension between these two was off the charts, from the very open I ll be honest I ve never heard of Stefanie London before let alone read any of her books but I won a box of books from a bunch of authors and her book, The Tycoon s Stowaway jumped out at me just from looking at the front cover, reading the back cover sealed its fate, and mine I was gonna be reading this book before I even looked at any in the book By the time I was on page 12 I was enthralled by the story By the time I got to page 25 I captivated by the author and by the time I finished reading The Tycoon s Stowaway I knew I d have to start searching for every book she had ever written cause I was hooked but good.I loved reading this story of the friendship between Brodie and Chantal because it stuck a cord with me, I was friends with my husband and knew those were the best kinds of romances cause mine was 23 years and going strong so I was pulling for them from the get go I loved Chantal trying to deny that anything than sex existed between them and attempting to stick to her attitude that she needs nothing and no one, that she can do it all herself.But I really loved Brodie who knew he felt for her than friendship but what He was a heart touching character who stole my heart with the way he loving and unselfishly cared for his family A man like that deserved to fin One of the mainstays of a Stefanie London book is the guarantee that it will be fun and flirty The Tycoon s Stowawy is definitely that, but it s also a very emotionally charged reunion story with high heat levels The romance between Chantel and Brodie feels real Like most relationships, it s not all sunshine and rainbows This is a couple that has to walk through the fire and learn some hard lessons about not just themselves, but each other It I loved this new offering from Stefanie London It was a light and happy love story with a strong hero in Brodie Mitchell, and a sexy heroine in Chantal Turner Stefanie draws you into the characters conflicting emotions in her Dancer Chantal Turner and yachting tycoon Brodie Mitchell have shared a strong attraction since they met over eight years ago working at Weeping Reef Resort At the time, they weren t able to act on their attraction because they belonged to other people The one time they ventured perilously close to crossing that boundary, their friendship circle imploded.Eight years later, Chantal is divorced and experiencing soul crushing rejection in her pursuit of joining a dance company in Sydney The only dancing gig she does manage to land turns out to be in a seedy bar She s barely holding on to the ends, let alone making them meet On the other hand, the seemingly laid back beach bum Brodie has managed to build a successful business leasing luxury yachts to the rich When a friend invites Chantal to Brodie s boat to get the gang back together, Chantal and Brodie discover the spark is still white hot between them But Chantal s determined to focus on salvaging her career, not getting into a relationship with another man who will try to control her every move, and Brodie has too many responsibilities and people counting on him for a relationship to be attractive The solution One night of no strings fun.Only one night isn t enough, and soon both Chantal and Brodie are in deeper than they planned But with Brodie s family depending on him and Chantal s fierce insistence on being independent and pursuing her dream, happily ever after seems a long boat ride aw This reunion romance between Brodie the sexy former surfer dude turned yacht charter business owner and Chantal the contemporary dancer, is everything I like about modern romance We have a strong heroine who isn t afraid to dream large and make it in a competitive career and a hot broody hero with some angst who is really a marshmallow under it all, caring for his younger sisters There s some sizzling chemistry and simmering sexual tension, especially in Brodie s point of view when he s watching Chantal dance As always, I love the author s Australian settings and fun, modern voice.The only thing I didn t like was the book title The Tycoon s Stowaway Sure, Brodie owns his own business but he didn t strike me as a tycoon and Chantal was staying on his yacht at his invitation

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