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Code of Conduct Hidden Deep Within One Of The World S Most Powerful Organizations Is A Secret Committee With A Devastating Agenda Its Members Are Afforded Incredible Protections Considered Elites, UntouchablesBut When Four Seconds Of Video Is Captured Halfway Around The World And Anonymously Transmitted To DC Covert Wheels Are Set In Motion, And Counterterrorism Operative Scot Harvath Is Tapped To Undertake The Deadliest Assignment Of His CareerWhat Begins As A Favor Will Evolve Into A Globe Spanning Drama Of Highly Personal Stakes Played Out Against A Backdrop Of Stunning International Intrigue, Duplicitous Political Gamesmanship, And The Darkest, Most Clandestine Fears Of The Espionage WorldWith Razor Sharp Plotting, Richly Rendered Characters, And Heart Stopping Surprises On Every Page, Thor Isn T Just At The Top Of His Game He Owns The Entire Genre Code of Conduct is a great adventure novel So fast paced that you won t put it down until you ve finished it Brad Thor does a masterfull job of mixing action and science, although his overly down in the weeds details about military equipment and operations was a bit too much The action takes you from Alaska, to DC, Israel, The Alps, but much if it happens in the Congo This is my first Scot Harvath book, but it s the 14th in the series Definitely interested in reading the others But particularly looking forward to the next one, as Code of Conduct leaves you with quite a cliffhanger, even while providing a satisfying ending. With Brad Thor there are few things you can always expect Manly, tough guy behavior Disgust for terrorists and extremists Torture 70s Funk musicBut, as of late, I have not been able to expect a good novel story The last few book kind of fell flat for me including the lowest rating I had ever given one of his Scot Harvath books I was starting to wonder if the Harvath storyline had jumped the shark Lost its luster Should I keep going Well, I was this far in to the series and committed, so I had to keep going When this book first started, I thought it was going to be like the recent ones It felt a bit slow and forced For the first third, there is a lot of running around the African jungle without a lot of content or story progression to keep me interested I was starting to fade again.However after the first third, things started to pick up and it felt a bit like the old Harvath titles Stakes were raised, the plot line became apocalyptic and suspenseful, seemingly good guys were revealed as definitely bad guys basically, total world wide corruption and I really got into it I am glad to see this series regaining some of my interest Hopefully the next one will continue the trend To be honest, until I see a few books in a row of this, I will remain skeptical Most of the other people reviewing this book really enjoyed it I just found it very long winded in explaining everything and confusing Very preachy about God and country, too Some kind of negative agenda with the UN, too, that wasn t clear I do like these kind of books normally, but didn t work for me.However it s 14 in the series, and maybe I needed to read the series from the beginning He s a very popular author But when you start skimming at page 150, then at 200 you start flicking through chapters, I can t call it an engaging book.Sorry for the negativity Probably if like Brad Thor, just ignore me. One word kept going through his mind It started with F and rhymed with truck As a reader, one was going through mine too, it starts with S and rhymes with grit.The narrative here is all over the place as per my example above The full F word is used a number of times in the books, so why the occasional reference as if you were speaking to an eight year old Bizarre and distracting Brad Thor is an inconsistent writer, he has written some pacey, solid and enjoyable thrillers and then he pops up with some real duds This is one of the duds.The book s main character Scot Harvath is an ex special forces type asked to look into an incident in Africa What he discovers is something that will impact on the entire world, and he may be unable to stop it This is a pathogen thriller linked into a conspiracy story, but the pace is wrong in the book It kicks in during the last quarter but the flow just didn t work for me, neither did the fact that the book, through the voice and views of Harvath, preaches to the audience about what it is to be American, along with life, love and liberty.An author that is very inconsistent and so you never know what his next book will be like It s very frustrating for the potential reader, I am a natural fit for these books and they should be picking up where sadly Vince Flynn left off, but this falls way short of the mark.

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