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The Hags Contract (Birthright, #4) Ulrich Graben, A Brecht Pirate King, Led A Small Outlaw Fleet From The Zweilunds To The Icy, Inhospitable Lands At The Mouth Of The Krakennauricht There He Ruthlessly Carved Out A Kingdom For Himself In The Shadow Of Drachenward.

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    One of the worst books nobody s ever read It shares the distinction of being one of my three most hated novels of all time It s been many years since I read this, but the silliness of the entire story is burned into my memory The actual plot has nothing to do with what you read o

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    One of a handful of Birthright novels, released the same time as the game This one s in an area near the home of some of my players charcters Seemed like something that should be researched, then.Kinda blah, really.

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