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Taste of Treason (The Tudor Enigma, #2) Sunderers, strife and division The Intrigue continues I just had to purchase the second in this alternate Tudor period mystery where religion and magic intertwine The cleverly developed plot uses the religious upheavals of the time to deepen the mystery and intrigue, whilst injecting the very real superstitions and fears then present with magic, constructing a new reality.The attack upon the English throne by the Sunderers continues Luke Ballard is now a Dominus He has moved beyond the journeyman stage of his calling as an elemancer to that of an Elemagus Luke is in danger on than one front, as are Bertila and her father The local priest Gerard Frayner, a convert from Catholicism is determined to have Luke and Bertila denounced as a sorcerer and a witch The sunderers continue their deep and darstardly game with the future of England at stake Henry IX is now married to Queen Madeleine of Scotland Madeleine and the heir she carries are under threat Henry is furious When we last saw Luke, Henry had also appointed him Privy Inquirer into Divers Mischiefs and Grievances Henry demands that Luke find the culprits The situation is complex A strange symbol of a many legged spider like creature has I loved the mix of alternate history and magic in the first book of The Tudor Enigma That continues in book two Once again Luke must face a terrible threat from the dark sorcerers and once again a large cast of characters Taste of Treason is part two of April Taylor s Tudor Enigma series, which is a fantasy about an alternative history in which Anne Boleyn did not miscarry Henry VIII s son, and remained Queen Henry IX is now King, and in this episode his wife, Madeleine, is expecting their first child But dark forces work against themCentral to this series is apothecary Luke Ballard who happens to be an Elemancer, one who practices white magic Oh yes, and Anne Boleyn, still a force with which to be reckoned at court, is one of these, too.I so enjoyed the first book in the series, Court of Conspiracy, having thought it might not be my sort of thing as I don t usually go in for magic But these books are a delight They re the sort of thing you want to read when snuggled up in a duvet with lots of pillows as indeed I have been doing Ms Taylor paints wonderful word pictures all the time I was reading this I wanted to be in the world on the screen of my Kindle She writes so beautifully, and this book was even better than the last, with a suspenseful pace created by the changing of point of view at crucial points, most chapters ending on a cliffhanger I was unable to guess the outcome or the identity of the Book two in the series of alternative history and fantasy Tudor mysteries continues to build its depth of period detail while losing none of the cracking pace set up in Court of Conspiracy.King Henry IX, determined not to endure his father s early fate of having no male heir, is keen for his new queen to produce a son But Queen Madeleine, with family in the royal houses of Scotland and France, is put under pressure by bizarre deaths close to hand in an effort to have her miscarry She is still to take on the Protestant faith, and Powers in Europe would benefit from unrest in England There is a trail of oily ambassadors from the continent willing to offer assistance But is the cause closer to home Dowager Queen Anne Boleyn comes to the fore in this novel, both taking on and fighting off the hearsay and smear campaigns that dogged her in real life, while liaising with Luke Ballard to disentangle the fact from the fiction and the supernatural and so keep her son and the Tudor dynasty intact Luke has his own distractions A pestilence sent from God or the Devil, depending on whose words are believed is taking many of the poor, and he finds himself pulled in too many directions to concentrate fully on his king s demands, and his increa Read Taste Of Treason The Tudor Enigma, 2 Author April Taylor Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Book Two Of The Tudor EnigmaBlood, Frogs And A Deadly Threat To The Firstborn Luke Ballard, Dominus Elemancer And Privy Inquirer Into Divers Mischiefs And Grievances, Has Grown His Magical Powers Since His Last Encounter With The Sunderers, Dark Sorcerers Who Will Stop At Nothing Including Partnering With England S Mortal Enemies To Destroy The Throne But Is He Skilled Enough To Protect His Own And Prevent Tragedy From Reaching The Royal Family The Continuation Of Tudor Rule And The Future Of England S True Religion Rest With King Henry IX S New Bride, Queen Madeline Of Scotland Pregnant With A Possible Heir, She S Nearly Killed Twice In Incidents That Bizarrely Mimic The Plagues Of Egypt And She Is Not Alone All Of Hampton Court, It Seems, Has Been Surrounded By A Dark Cloud Of Otherworldly Danger.Fearful For His Wife And Unborn Child, King Henry Can Only Turn To One Man.

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