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Forever Consumed (Consumed, #3) This Is It.My Revenge.I Can Taste It On My Tongue, It S Sweet And It S Addictive.I Ve Worked Way Too Hard To Settle For Second Best And I Will Come Out On Top Seth Marc Is Back And Training Harder Than Ever Before To Redeem His Loss To Don Russell Tensions Are High But Stakes Are Higher As MMAC Founder, Matt Somers, Forces Seth And Don To Train Under The Same Roof Though Matt Somers Believes It S Only Good Fun To Provoke The Two For Publicity, He Doesn T Realize Just How Serious The Situation Is With Olivia By His Side, Seth Marc Pushes Himself To His Limits And Struggles To Keep Opponent, Don Russell, Out Of His Head As They Fight It Out One Last Time.

About the Author: Skyla Madi

Skyla Madi is a twenty something international bestselling author of a mixed bag of hot romance Though signed with Hawaiian based publishing companies, Limitless Publishing Crave publishing, Skyla lives in sunny Queensland, Australia, where she spends most her time indoors writing with one hand and raising her three children with the other Other hobbies and passions include Drinking coff

10 thoughts on “Forever Consumed (Consumed, #3)

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    Once again an author makes me ditch a series in the final book To say I m disappointed would be an understatement The thing I loved about Seth and Olivia was they were always united as a couple I LOVED that about them They were so strong and I didn t have to worry about bullshit drama view spoiler Apparently Seth kisses another chick and Olivia s best friend to piss of the pr...

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    2 starsI know I shouldn t have read this since reviews pretty much spelled disaster But I just wanted to finish the trilogy since I loved the first 2 Well, this book added nothing new to the story except to pretty much ruin any good feelings I had for this couple Seth ...

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    I received an ARC via the author in exchange for an honest review Thank you My whole body is alight with a fire I ve never felt beforeMy chest isn t heavy like it usually is before because this time I fight for myselfThis time this fight it s for me One man s quest to win redemptionCan he redeem himself to his former glory And with tensions rising and stakes risingwill it be enough Whatever the verdict, it s JUDGEMENT DAY.Readers Get ready to live and breathe the final moments of our favorite bad

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    4 Stars He is my soul mate, my other half He is the love of my life, the one person who stormed into my world demanding attention and saved me from myself I can feel it now I am different This is the final part of Seth and Olivia s story They both overcame many challenges in the previous two books and now there is just one Seth and Don Russell have one last fight So of course Seth is mainly focused on it But he is still struggling with his past and the fact he believes he is not worthy He is scared Seth has to win

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    I hate to leave bad reviews but I really disliked this book and didn t finish it with about 40 pages left to go Olivia is a doormat.

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    Writing There is room for improvement There were technical errors, misspelled words and then just confusing sections Confusing example His hand lingers there for a few seconds before he runs a living finger along my side, making me shiver What the heck is a living finger Can I get one I want to shiver.Characters Let s seeOlivia, Olivia, Olivia I enjoyed her in the first 2 books I think , but I wanted to climb into my phone and slap some sense into her in book 3 She had no back bone Seth could be sweet, but after the kissing scene, he wa

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    I almost threw this one at DNF pile but I just couldn t, mostly cause I invested much time reading this book Just 2 words to describe what I felt after Disappointed and Dismayed.

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    I was gifted a copy of this book I was honestly really disappointed with this book I fell in love with Seth and Olivia in Consumed and was very happy with how that book ended I understand after reading the author s note at the beginning of Forever Consumed that Skyla Madi wanted to make readers fans happy by continuing the series, but this was probably not the best way A novella, after Consumed would have been great or an update in Selena and Jackson s book could have worked as well I do appreciate when an author cares enough about her readers to do

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    3.5 4 StarHmmm, where to begin with this review I would say this book was okay, but definitely not as good as the rest of the trilogy I still love Seth and Olivia, but not as much as I did in the last two books They both disappointed me in this book There were a lot of moments where I truly did not understand what the hell Seth and Olivia where doing, especially Olivia I wanted her to have of a backbone than she had in this book Whenever Seth did something really stupid and something one would think would really upset Olivia, and she just rolled over and a

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    5 adorable final stars Despu s de la jugarreta que le hace Matt, el director de la MMAC a Seth, este ltimo es una bola de ira y rabia contra todos No se puede creer el hecho de que le hayan dado una oportunidad a Don en la MMAC despu s de todo lo sucio que ha jugado, pero si hay algo que Seth tiene claro es que va a acabar con Don y su carrera Mientras tanto su vida tambi n est un poco tensa, y cuando ciertas noticias vienen anticipadamente, la ansiedad de Seth aumenta Solo hay que ver si es capaz de superarlo.A ver,...

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