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The Tycoon's Blackmailed Mistress Libros que compras porque est n en promoci n y acabas dici ndote a ti misma NO.Historia corta, lo que no ser a un problema si no fuera porque est sin desarrollar, es t pica t pica y ni tan siquiera da pie al lector a meterse en ella. Reading The Tycoon S Blackmailed Mistress Author Maxine Sullivan Rarefishingbooks.co.uk REVENGE IS SWEETWhat Better Revenge For Betrayal Than Taking Possession Of The Betrayer S Wife Rich, Powerful Flynn Donovan Had Devised The Perfect Plan Knowing Danielle Ford Would Have No Other Means Of Settling Her Late Husband S Debt, Flynn Called In His Loan And Blackmailed Her Into Becoming His Mistress.Then He Discovered Danielle Was Pregnant With His Enemy S Child. I love Danielle she was a great character I didn t care much for Flynn he was a bully I hated that he never apologized Also can t stand the mother in law from hell It was a great book it would of been better if Flynn regretted his horrible behavior and did some groveling. In The Tycoon s Blackmailed Mistress , the second book in Maxine Sullivan s Australian Millionaires , awesome Alpha Male Flynn Donovan meets his match Intending to seek revenge on the dead man who swindled him by seducing the man s beautiful widow, Flynn is instead charmed and captivated by the lovely Danielle Ford Fighting his attraction by continuing to remind himself that the widow is as guilty as her dead husband, Flynn cannot dismiss Danielle from his sensual imagination Discovering that she is pregnant by her late husband only increases his fascination, and he begins to wonder if she may be innocent of her husband s misdeeds Danielle is just as enthralled with Flynn, except that the last thing she wants or needs is another dominating, controlling man in her life Her late husband brow beat her into following his wishes, and after his death, his mother still tried to control Danielle The bigger they are, the harder they fall Flynn must learn to let go, and Danielle must learn to accept It s a lover s compromise worth the while when two hearts and true love are involved The Alpha Male is the dominant leader of the pack They have qualities and strengths which make them number one Along with all that greatness can come arrogance, a my way is the only way attitude, and a sometimes ornery personality However, their fierce devotion to their loved ones, their loyalty and their innate honor all go together quite nicely to smooth the rough edges I love big, gruff, tough me A very quick read, full of big emotions Story has a good flow to it, and doesn t lag I gave it a 4 This was alright OK story decent character Modern

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I have to say that I pretty much blame my mother for all this If my dear Mum wasn t an avid reader of romance, then I might not have fallen in love with romance novels myself And then I wouldn t have decided to write my own romances Thanks Mum Of course, I never thought it would take me 20 years before I saw my first piece de r sistance in print Perhaps I wouldn t even have tried, but you know

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