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Us Three (One Voice, #1) 4.5 Underneath his sparkly surface there s a whole thick level of a damaged soul I know this, because I got to see it Wow, what a story My love for all things m m m is no secret and when I saw Mia Kerick wrote one and a YA one at that, I knew I just had to read it I ve read two other books by this author and I have to say, she has young, hurting and healing down solid.This book is full of feelings and emotions, it had me running the gamut on all of them From anger and fear to indignation and such sadness but also happiness and hopefulness, by the end I was just a melting puddle of Mandy I love these boys, all hurting in one way or another but so damn brave and resilient and just plain good They are also wise beyond their years I d say, each one having to grow up faster due to circumstances beyond their control And let s face it, none of us fits into the mold of the other guys at school, so why don t we just make our own fucking mold I like when I get all POVs, and in a story with three main characters that s even important for me.The way the story is told, not only did I get all three POVs, it was done in such a unique and original way for each boy For me at least, this was the perfect way to have Casey, Zander and Nate share what was in their hearts and what was happening around them I think Casey is the sweetest thing ever, or maybe because I think this, his words and feelings and heartache were the hardest for me to read The blurb is clear, this boy is Bullied with a capital B Because I d been here I d done this friendship thing with these very same girls before and it had turned out ugly Uglier than just plain ugly, to be honest More accurately, it had been horrifying It had changed my life I shuddered again But despite his previous horrible experience and the daily ridicule and mind games these kids unleash on Casey he is still such a bright, hopeful and happy boy He has his moments, his panic attacks, his nightmares, but even with all that, I was amazed, he is still so willing to trust, willing to give the benefit of the doubt and most of all willing to be brave Funny, wasn t it, that the only one of us with enough balls to speak was the one whose trust had been so shattered by every single one of the other kids he d ever thought d been his friends Then there is Nate, what a gentle giant Not knowing gentleness or a safe home life himself, he is amazingly open and caring with Casey and Zander He has anger, but it s righteous anger and only on behalf of others, never for himself Like he doesn t think he s worth caring about or protecting Zander pours his heart out to his brother via email and lets me share his thoughts and feelings that way, and again, a kid who at first glance has it all, but until we look behind closed doors we never really know what burdens people carry.They are unlikely friends and even unlikelier lovers, but they fit so well and give each other things that have been missing in their lives Being together makes me a better person, makes Casey feel supported, and Nate well, I think Nate just needs some people to call his They grow together but they also all grow as individuals and start to overcome their fears I loved watching it happen I was sad and angry reading about the school situation, the teachers possible willful ignorance or downplaying the issue since the perpetrators were girls Also the very real fear those students feel, the ones who just don t want to come to the attention of the bullies so they stand by when others are tormented, just grateful not to be the one in the crosshairs It had taken them less than a semester to back me into a corner I knew I d never be free of this hunted feeling All my feelings were worth it in the end, yes the ending was possibility a little idealistic, but I don t care, this is a book I know I will read again.I was smiling and hopeful when I reached the last page, but also a little sad because I really wanted to read about these boys and their bright future I would love for Mia Kerick to revisit these boys and I am so glad I got to know and love them. A Harmony Ink Press Young Adult Title In His Junior Year At A Public High School, Sweet, Bright Casey Minton S Biggest Worry Isn T Being Gay Keeping From Being Too Badly Bullied By His So Called Friends, A Group Of Girls Called The Queen Bees, Is Pressing Nate De Marco Has No Friends, His Tough Home Life Having Taken Its Toll On His Reputation, But He S Determined To Get Through High School Zander Zane S Story Is Different He S Popular, A Jock Zander Knows He S Gay, But Fellow Students Don T, And He D Like To Keep It That Way No One Expects Much When These Three Are Grouped Together For A Class Project, Yet In The Process The Boys Discover Each Other S Talents And Traits, And A New Bond Forms But What If Nate, Zander, And Casey Fall In Love Each With The Other And All Three Together Not Only Gay But Also A Threesome, For Them High School Becomes Infinitely Complicated And Maybe Even Dangerous To Survive And Keep Their Love Alive, They Must Find Their Individual Strengths And Courage And Stand Together, Honest And United If They Can Do That, They Might Prevail Against The Queen Bees And A Student Body Frightened Into Silence And Even Against Their Own Crippling Fears. I quite enjoyed this one This is the story of three very different teenagers that come together after being assigned work together on a group project at school Each one is suffering but through their friendship that develops into a loving relationship they find strength What I loved Each character had a voice I loved the way she gave us each character s POV Great character development The author made me feel a part of the story making me feel what the characters were feeling Dialogue was realistic I thought each character sounded like a teenager Sometimes you read books and you think a teenager would never say that Not the case with this book Mia Kerick has teenagers down to a t She made a M M M YA romance book work To be honest it made me a little nervous but the author pulled it off.My only criticism would be that I wished a little time had been spent on the beginning of their romantic relationship Friendship development was very smooth but it seemed to me like they just jumped into being together I just wanted a little bit Once together though she did an excellent job at developing how their relationship worked and what each one s role was in it was.In the end this was a 4.5 Star read for me It was a beautiful story of friendship and strength I can t wait for the next book in the series Enter to win a copy of Us Three at BMBR What a story What a wonderful, beautiful story.The chemistry between Zander, Nate and Casey was off the charts They fit together so perfectly, whether it was two of them together or all three of them together, I could feel all the emotion flowing between them What they had was unexpected for the boys While they were working together, this strong and solid bond was forming and they had no idea They had no idea that they could have two people in their life that meant so much to them, that without all three of them there, it just wasn t the same Just two would have never worked.The bullying was heavy It was intense and gut wrenching The poor boy, who is just trying to get by, just won t be left alone The mean girls won t let him be It s incredibly brave of him to return to school after the horrible things that were done to him I loved, absolutely loved, how Nate and Zander were there for Casey They were both there but in completely different ways They helped in their own way, and both were equally loving and effective in their efforts.Casey, Nate and Zander s characters were written flawlessly Flawlessly, I tell you They were three very distinct and different people Their dialogue and choices were true to who they were every single time The way they comforted and loved each other was different for each of them and I could see their individuality shine through in every scene.Us Three is one of the best books I ve read this year It wasn t an easy read, but it was definitely beautiful and honest There were some horribly difficult moments and some romantic and sweet moments It was intense, but completely worth it.Another group review because we just can t resist a good rec Especially some angsty YA Teenage drama FTW throws confetti I really liked this MMM YA story The romance was very sweet The story was a bit tough to read since it focusses on bullying, but I loved how these guys dealt with it in the end.Casey, Nate and Zander are 16 years old and attending Benjamin Franklin High school, where the popular kids rule the school isn t that always the case in high school.Casey is the one being severely bullied here It got so bad when he was 14 that he left school for 18 months after a terribly upsetting incident And what makes it even worse is that the school is not that helpful in this case since the bullies are girls And we all know girls can t really harm boys, right Well, wrong.All Casey ever did was just be himself with all his fabulousness on display He just doesn t have any other way to be And why does he keep trying to be friends with these awful girls All he wants is to be accepted.So when Casey is forced into a project group with druggie outcast Nate and popular jock Zander, he just knows the bullying will probably get worse What he didn t expect was to become friends with Nate and Zander, who each have their own problems at home, and in school These boys were incredibly sweet together I loved how tenderhearted Casey was, despite that not being helpful with the bullying And I loved how protective Nate was of Casey and how gentle hearted despite him coming from an abusive home And Zander at first I wasn t too sure about him, because he was too passive with the bullying he was aware of this himself , but he ended being the one person to take action to make their school a safer place.There are some sweet sexy scenes in this, appropriate for 16 year olds Not too detailed, but no fade to black either It was perfect for this story.This is quite the angsty book, but I was happy that there wasn t a lot of relationship angst These guys become fast friends and the love follows pretty soon, but they never hide their feelings from each other These guys talk things through.A sweet MMM YA book that deals with some severe high school issues, like bullying. 4.5 for some unresolved issues, but a FANTASTIC story My thoughts From the very first paragraph, the story grabbed me.EXCERPT 18 months ago I WAS down again flat on my belly in the grass this time There was no use in trying to get up I was outnumbered, and most of them were bigger than me Something sharp smacked into the back of my head This time it was a high heeled boot it tumbled past my face I pushed my chin harder against the ground and stuffed my head under my arms I guess I wasn t expecting a tear jerker, but oh my gosh The meanness of high school girlsGood grief I wanted to kick some serious you know what after the prologue It basically gives us a preview of what Casey went through during his freshman year in high school with what were SUPPOSED to be his best friendsright after a wonderful, happy trip to the mall, and ice cream What they do to him, well justno Casey, so kind, sweet, clueless, happy, and na veContinue story He is now a junior And he has a reputation of being the smartest kid in class His friends , the Queen Bees, have dibs on him, or so they think He is back at school after a year and a half of being home schooled Excerpt You are sitting with us, hon The girls basically wrestled me into a seat at their table No arguments Well, it s not as if I have anyone else to sit with I sat down, and I m going to make a confession I felt a little bit giddy because I was surrounded by people who wanted me with them, like I actually counted for something But at the same time, I was than slightly anxious Because I d been here I d done this friendship thing with these very same girls before and it had turned out ugly Uglier than just plain ugly, to be honest More accurately, it had been horrifying It had changed my life I shuddered again So how do these boys actually work things out with all three of them You ll just have to read the story to find out To give you a better picture of each of the other two boys, the author does a creative job of breaking up the story into 3 individual POVs, It flowed rather well and allowed me as a reader to fill in the blanks of the in between time Basically this reads as Casey s story, but we get to tune in to each of the other boy s minds via two creative means Nate s Diary This is something that Nate therapist requires Nate to write journal to help him deal with his anger management issues He is big, rough looking, and everyone gives him a wide berth He has absentee parents, an abusive uncle, and 13 yr old sister he has to keep an eye on for her protection.November 5 Dude Least Likely to Keep a Diary Out of the whole junior class, that s what I d be voted.But in your face cuz here it is Yup, Nate DeMarco s Diary Nate s feelings Not gonna make no excuses for it And I sure as shit don t owe nobody no explanation, even if there was a soul alive who cared to hear one, but I figure that this journal is gonna help me keep my shit together.Zander s emails to his older brother, Dan Dan has gone off to college and he s the only one that knows his little brother is gay And get this Zander is the popular jock who is part of the same in crowd that messed with Casey We never hear directly from Z s brother, but his responses to Z s emails are alluded to in a way that we can guess what advice he is giving Zander.zanderZ catchme.comDan the Man Soccer season s gone, gone, gone, as Phil Phillips would sing Not a bad tune you think Wish like hell you could ve seen me play, though And there s this one really smart kid in Survey who gets ranked on so frigging badly, Dan It s tough to watch Remember that thing I told you about me You know, how I think I might be This kid, Casey Minton, is definitely that way And he can t hide it, or even tone it down, I don t think These little ventures into each of the boys thoughts give this book a contemporary young vibe, and I can see a teen connecting with any one of them This story wouldn t be bad if it just ended at how they all become friends, then boyfriends with their various backgrounds and interests, but it gets better It seems the author wants to use this as an opportunity to show how kids can actually make it better I really appreciated the examples used to turn this into a life lesson for many who are not just victims of bullying, but also the bystanders, who, by just standing there, are passive aggressively taking part in the activity And it especially helped that it didn t come across as preachy.In fact, it felt very realistic Hurrah to the author for addressing this prevalent issue that goes on in all walks of life and in various schools across the country, and probably globally as well Unfortunately, I know it goes on in elementary and middle schools too, but this is a great start to addressing a problem we all know is there, and hopefully will help young readers think again before just turning and looking the other way.The only downside for me was the lack of closure for the reader as to how the boy s handled everything outside of school after the initial issue was resolved I don t get the impression their home lives changed much, other than now, at least they have friends and a support system But then the book would have had to be longer than 180 pgs I wasn t sure what to expect with this one, it had been on my kindle for a while But once I started I was hooked.It s not an easy read, in the sense that it deals with some pretty horrific bullying But it s an easy read in that it flows well, it s paced well and the different characters voices are well written and compelling I really liked the way the author kept the voices so distinct and used different methods of narration for each of them I think she did a great job with that and it made them feel very real to me The characters were well developed, the writing was great and it was hard to put down I m not sure it would be a re read book because I don t want to have to suffer with Casey again, but I m interested to see there is a sequel I would like to know about these boys. I ll need to collect my thoughts about this book and the message it contains, but while I do that, y all go buy this, m kay And then make sure every high schooler reads this too Full review will be on Booklikes and my blog See you there. B E A U T I F U L What a wonderful story I so love these boys, all hurting in one way or another, all wonderful in their own way and so so so adorable, brave and strong together Our sexuality is ours We shouldn t have to hide it.High school, bullies, hurt, unexpected friendship, help comfort, hope and, of course, sweet and tender love this was just so my kind of book I guess, somehow, the story is predictable, but that s okay, because it was really well done and them being three wonderful boys was something fresh and new, for me at least the complete package was just unlike anything I ve read before.This story just worked for me, most of all because I felt the hurt and anger, pain and love The chemistry between Casey, Zander and Nate wasn t sizzling, but it was there, the love and friendship, between three young boys, it was real heartwarming, and their future is very promising Us Three is told from each boy s POV, in three different types Nate s Diary, Casey s Real Life and Zander s emails to his big brother, who is away in College The flow of the story was perfect, I really enjoyed losing myself in their lives Highly recommended All three boys have a hard life, difficult things to deal with corrupt families or bullying but together they can enjoy life for a while Being together makes me a better person, makes Casey feel supported, and Nate well, I think Nate just needs some people to call his All that said, if the story is really believable is up to I don t know who I have to admit, I can t really see this happening at the age of sixteen, but personally I don t give a damn about that tiny fact It was a beautiful story and I would read it again and again Fiction is fiction, and even if it s contemporary, I think it should be treated as fiction and simply be enjoyed. I think the hard thing for me with many YA NA reads is the lesson aspect There s always a teaching angle and sometimes that angle is palatable than others of its ilk This story focuses on bullying view spoiler Liz was a psychopath, IMO For her actions to be so easily dismissed and Casey told to man up just made me angry I get it s a lesson but it was definitely a tad bit too over the top in your face this is what bullying is and how you can make it better lesson hide spoiler

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