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The Spectacular Now Sutter Keely He S The Guy You Want At Your Party He Ll Get Everyone Dancing He Ll Get Everyone In Your Parents Pool Okay, So He S Not Exactly A Shining Academic Star He Has No Plans For College And Will Probably End Up Folding Men S Shirts For A Living But There Are Plenty Of Ladies In Town, And With The Help Of Dean Martin And Seagram S VO Life S Pretty Fabuloso, ActuallyUntil The Morning He Wakes Up On A Random Front Lawn, And He Meets Aimee Aimee S Clueless Aimee Is A Social Disaster Aimee Needs Help, And It S Up To The Sutterman To Show Aimee A Splendiferous Time And Then Let Her Go Forth And Prosper But Aimee S Not Like Other Girls, And Before Long He S In Way Over His Head For The First Time In His Life, He Has The Power To Make A Difference In Someone Else S Life Or Ruin It Forever

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    On finishing The Spectacular Now I feel hollowed out and slightly sick not because the ending was bad but because as much as I didn t want it to, it ended in probably the most realistic way it could Part of me wants to gouge whatever scraps of hope I can from the close of Sutter s story, hold ont

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    Okay so I ve been putting off this review because I was unsure about my rating My initial reaction was FIVE STARS FIVE STARS but then I got to thinking about my dislike for the ending and thought maybe I should round it down to four and then I was like but is my problem with the ending because it

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    I m not sure if this book would have affected me quite as much if I didn t know this boy He is one of the people that I love the most on this planet, and he sharesDNA with me than anyone else He s intelligent, effortlessly popular, charming, kind, and entertaining He has a big heart, fragile and ex

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    Life is a big, screwed up joke with its ups and downs The best way to deal with it is to live in the now, pursue all the pleasure and deal with none of the grief That s the message I get from Sutter Keely, protagonist of The Spectacular Now He takes a purely hedonistic, somewhat philosophical world

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    Holy crap, this is a good book A heavy book This is one of those books that I went into thinking it was going to be a romance with a message, but pretty all around feel good No Nope I mean, yeah, there s a message, all right, but this book isn t exactly a fluffy candy feel good story So don t go into

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    4.5 ish stars Call me an idiot if you like, but I didn t realize this book existed until a week ago I ended up seeing the theatrical adaptation at a free screening when it first came out in 2013 not really knowing what I was getting myself into except, of course, a movie theater for free but the movie

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    Life s a party for Sutter Keely because he s the life of the party He s the guy who has friends from every social circle, can get people laughing in awkward situations, and has a smile every time you see him He s the definition of happy drunk, and since he s drunk all the time, he s just a happy guy al

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    Here we go..It would have been a 5stars book except for Aimee I couldn t figure her out and she was a bit too naive for my taste all that planning scared me to be honest. and not telling anyone her secret oh boy, that s just wrong and the ending which I still don t get, not really. I might need to re re

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    This is a weird book The book itself is pretty straight forward, the narrator is a high school senior named Sutter who likes to drink and is the life of the party The party to him though is all of life He s always the life of the party even though most people probably don t realize the party is happening

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    Every time I read a book that is popular I almost always end up hating it What s wrong with me Or maybe I should as what is wrong with everyone else I wanted to read this book before I went to go see the movie, but I only want to go see the movie so I can scope out the acting of the two main characters si

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