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Love is Blind Meet Reece Collins, Washington S Star Quaterback, Best Pitcher, And Track Star Reece Has The Money, Killer Looks, And The Perfect Family His Life Was Perfect Until The Shooting Now Meet Payton Jennings Payton Is A Quiet, Shy, Nobody That No One Even Knows She Exists She Has Little Money, A Severed Family And Bad Looks Most People Don T Even Know She Attends Washington High She Is The Definition Of A No Body The School Is Rattled And Turned Upside Down When A Weird, Troubled Kid Brought A Gun To School And Opened Fire In The Hall Luckily No One Was Killed Or Had Any Serious Injuries Besides One Reece Collins And That S Because The Boy Envied Him So Much It Made Him Hate Him So He Meant To Kill Reece He Almost Did, But Reece Survived He Lost His Sight Though And Is Now, Blind This Changes His Whole Life And Brings Him To Payton A Girl Who Doesn T Care That He Is Blind.

About the Author: Tara L. Declan

Tara is a 19 year old, college student, who first began writing at age thirteen after falling in love with books She loves spending time on here farm with here many animals Tara attends Concord University majoring in Social Work with a minor in Pre law, to hopefully one day work at changing the lives and giving children hope Tara first got her start on Wattpad, she was able to gain insight from

10 thoughts on “Love is Blind

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    OK OK OK I discovered this book on Wattpad a couple years ago It wasn t finished at the time and I developed a real love hate relationship with Wattpad because of this very book LOVE getting free books with amazing character development and romantic storylines I m a sucker for romance of any kind like Love is Blind HATE having to wait x amount of time between updates becau

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    This story was one of the first ones that I read when I discovered Wattpad I fell in love with the story instantly and I can t wait to be able to have a paperback copy of it If you haven t read this story yet, you need to read it ASAP It is a must read s...

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    That was cute, and sad but ultimately happy which just made me feel warm and fuzzy.

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    The premise was good, but the writing is very amateurish Dual POVs and there are many chapters where the scenes are repeated in each of the MCs POV Too much repetition Reece is shot by a student who brought a gun to school Payton has been by Reece s side the entire time when not one of his friends, not even his girlfriend at the time of the accident, came to see him But do you want to know what he d

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    I first discovered this book on Wattpad a few years ago and it has been one I keep going back to It is such a beautiful and well written book The characters are awesome and it is very easy to fall in love with them I feel like it is very easy to relate to the characters and feel they re emotions coming through, especially with Payton She s very real and relatable, she s not very confident about herself and s

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    It is such an amazing love story it helps you appreciate what you have because this story teaches you anything can happen and anytime.

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    One minute and your life can change forever The story of Payton Jennings and Reece Collins, caught by fate, dealing with struggles and coping with it It is how we handle the obstacles that make or break us This is a YA romance novel.I won a copy ...

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    Very very good I found it on Wattpad a long time ago then I discovered recently that it was published on I just had to buy it A very well thought out book Can be very cliche as well the things that happen in the book, but still good.

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    I ve discovered this book on watt pad and I ve read it countless of times and I love it

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