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Ever for You (For You, #1.5) Ever Wonder What Hunter Reallythought Of Everleigh During Their First Few Encounters Now You Can Crawl Inside Hunter S Head With A Short Story From Hunter S Point Of View, Available Free.

10 thoughts on “Ever for You (For You, #1.5)

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    Five stars and nothing less But

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    Yay Hunter, you hot piece of man meat, thank you for letting us have a glimpse inside that head of yours

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    I wantBut I loved his initial reaction to her Yay for free POVs

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    Where can you get this I typed it in search and nothing came up

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    I love Male POV of your favorite story when done correctly This is one of them You get to go inside Hunter s mind as you see what his feelings for Ev were during their first encounter Let me tell you just

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    This seems to be a common theme among those who have read and commented on this book but I Want More It was great to get a taste of what Hunter was thinking and experiencing when he first met Everleigh So great, in

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    I wantof Hunter s POV I love being inside his head

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    Hopefully she will end up continuing this and turn it into a companion novella I could usefrom Hunter

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    I was so excited to read this.It did not disappoint and brought me right back to the thrills and excitement I felt when reading Only For You The banter, the bubbling sexual tension and all theexciting because you get to know exactly what Hunter

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    That little devil She called me an asshole in the most covert and creative way possible I could only respect her ingenuity I knew she was witty by her sharp comments in class and I knew she could be mischievous based on her little performance after class

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