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Erenthrall Sprawling City Of Light And Magic, Whose Streets Are Packed With Traders From A Dozen Lands And Whose Buildings And Towers Are Grown And Shaped In The Space Of A Day At The Heart Of The City Is The Nexus, The Hub Of A Magical Ley Line System That Powers Erenthrall This Ley Line Also Links The City And The Baronial Plains To Rest Of The Continent And The World Beyond The Prime Wielders Control The Nexus With Secrecy And Lies, But It Is The Baron Who Controls The Wielders The Baron Also Controls The Rest Of The Baronies Through A Web Of Brutal Intimidation Enforced By His Bloodthirsty Guardsmen And Unnatural Assasins When The Rebel Kormanley Seek To Destroy The Ley System And The Baron S Chokehold, Two People Find Themselves Caught In The Chaos That Sweeps Through Erenthrall And Threatens The Entire World Kara Tremain, A Young Wielder Coming Into Her Power, Who Discovers The Forbidden Truth Behind The Magic That Powers The Ley Lines And Alan Garrett, A Recruit In The Baron S Guard, Who Learns That The City Holds Mysteries And Danger Than He Could Possibly Have Imagined And Who Holds A Secret Within Himself That Could Mean Erenthrall S Destruction Or Its Salvation Shattering the Ley (Erenthrall, #1)

About the Author: Joshua Palmatier

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Shattering the Ley (Erenthrall, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Joshua Palmatier author readers around the world.

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    3 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum m a pretty fast reader, but Shattering the Ley still took me about a couple months to read, due to the fact I started it earlier this summer right around the time when things got really busy I was only able to read it in small chunks over the weeks, though it s actually a very interesting book with well developed characters and a good foundation in place when it comes to world building That said, app

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    Actual rating 3.5 starsI enjoyed this series opener I think the magic system works as a fresh take on modern electricity and how it is harnessed and distributed frankly, electricity might as well be magic, right , and the two main characters have compelling personal stakes in how well the ley system functions I ll writecloser to publication date, but I m in it for the sequel.When is that coming out again Oh, rightI have a long wait ahea

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    This one seems to be flying under the radar It sounds really cool so I totally must read it Is it going to fall into the New Weird I wonderalso loving the cover hating the typography.

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    Shattering the Ley is a unique and intriguing tale that does not quite fit into commonly recognized genres It is not quite high fantasy, yet does have a taste of the high fantasy world with the use of different magics and manipulation of ley line power It also has a bit of the dystopian society feel with the use of ley line magic for common comforts such as cooking, heating, and transportation, although there is no premise provided of amodern

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    I don t often give out 5 stars, because I feel that a book has to be really somethingand this one is.SHATTERING THE LEY is the first book in a new series by Joshua Palmatier, and I feel like I ve been waiting for this one to come out FOREVER Sometimes, it s a little scary to be anticipating a book this much, because you wonder if it can live up to the build up you ve created This one did NOT disappoint.I don t want to say too much, because I m a

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    This is one of those books that I snagged at a convention after meeting the author that then sat on my to be read shelf for an embarrassing amount of time When I saw the final book in the trilogy had been released, I figured it was long past time to dive in Diving in is an apt description of how it feels to immerse yourself in this book and its world Despite the gorgeous cover, this is not a science fiction novel But at the same time, it s an epic

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    While I found the initial setup to be similar to his earlier series, The Throne of Amenkor, with a young girl who is coming into her powers as the main protagonist, the worldbuilding was sufficiently different, that I found this very entertaining The idea of using ley lines as a power source is not new, but what Palmatier does with it is very different from the approach that Kim Harrison takes with The Hollows series or that Kat Richardson takes with

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    Very decent character development in an interesting world and a lot happens, but it felt like something was missing that would help me immerse in it all Part may be that I never really understood the full structure of the ley magic, despite it being discussed in 90% of the book I think there was also a similar superficiality in the development of the society a lot of discussion about its surface, but little feel for its depth was conveyed So, I liked it

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    I read this yesterday and, well, the only thing I have to say is this I stayed up til 2 30 to finish it The only question I have is this when is the next book gonna be out

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    Shattering the Ley was not what I expected, a very good thing Characters changed as the story progress from preteens to adults, from good to neutral, and maybe even a little bad I think the biggest shock for me was this first book in the trilogy was actually a Dystopia And it rang with a certain environmental political resonance applicable to our days and our society The world was unique and the writing was incredible, descriptive and well handled fight scenes

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