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The Princess, the Crone, and the Dung-Cart Knight Meet Thirteen Year Old Sarah, Who Has Been Living On Her Own And Searching For The Knight Who Was Responsible For Her Mother S Death Her Quest For Revenge Leads To An Even Greater Adventure When She Witnesses Queen Guinevere Being Kidnapped Soon Sarah Finds Herself Accompanying Sir Gawain And Squire Terence On A Remarkable Journey To Rescue The Queen Join Sarah On Her Inspiring Quest To Avenge Her Family S Death

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    Ah, Gerald Morris is back on safer ground here, sticking to what he understand Chr tien and Malory Well, you have to be a bit of an ass, to my mind, to dismiss on

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    I don t feel words are the right way to transmit my feelings about this book.A bit of this Followed by this Turning to this Summarized by these And people say perfection do

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    Okay so I just said the previous book in this series, The Ballad Of Sir Dinadan, is my favorite one but after finishing this I think I have to admit this is better Dinadan has a spec

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    Oh I loved it I loved it I loved it What amazes me about this series so far is how every book is as good as the one before it I have yet to be disappointed Perhaps I will be, with the eventual

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    I would say this is one of the best, if not the best feminist books I have ever read The males have a purpose and aren t idiot s, the protagonist goes through a hero s journey and isn t perfect from the

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    More like 3.5 stars OH EM GEE TEH CUTENESS 1 1I m very fond of this series in general They stick close to thewell known versions of these tales particularly the crazy ass Chretien versions yay , but the author is

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    She is just thirteen when she sees Queen Guinivere kidnapped Having met the kind queen and the knight accompanying her, Sarah realizes that her new friends what has happened Alone, since her mother was murdered, Sarah unde

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    This series is so reliable I ve actually never read this volume before I think I must have left off at Parsifal s Page or A Ballad for Sir Dinadan when I was a kid , but as always, Morris somehow manages to combine extremely gory Ar

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    It s incredible that even though Lancelot went into hiding 7 years ago, anyone and everyone knows who and where he is if they need to find him Buddy you re not as slick as you think you are.I m so glad Gerald Morris didn t shy away from actua

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    This series is one of my favorites Not only is it about King Arthur s knights told in a Medieval y manner that is absolutely delightful and all I want in life, but also a little bit of practical modernism in there to make it easier to read The author s

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