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Chopper Rescue; Stories & Activities for Mentoring & Guided Writing Now Available From Hazeledwards And From Five Senses Publishing Useful Mentoring Writing Class Set With Quirky, Adventurous And Historical Stories From Unusual Viewpoints Years For Adolescents With Mentoring Writing Hints Linked To Varied Format Stories, As Well As Fact And Fiction Anthology Of Stories By New And Well Known Authors Plus Where The Idea Came From For That Story Tips On Getting Started, Writing Facts, Describing, Adding A Twist And For Illustrating Includes An Antarctic Story By Hazel Edwards Chart Links To National Assessment To Help The Adventurous Writer Understand How To Improve Their Writing Techniques Beginning writers are always looking for mentors, who are in short supply This book is a good substitute The thirteen contributors to this anthology which includes some very well known writers, also offer hints, share their techniques and answer where their original idea for that story came from Useful class set for upper primary lower secondary and others.

About the Author: Hazel Edwards

Hazel is a readaholic, author and Reading Ambassador.Her unconventional memoir is Not Just a Piece of Cake Being an Author Hijabi Girl , her co written junior book is being performed by Larrikin Puppeteers for Book Week Adult murder mystery Celebrant Sleuth I door die with asexual sleuth Quinn is currently on AUDIBLE ,read as an audio book by the author Wed,Then Dead on The Ghan is a mini sequel available on Kindle and soon in print.Although Hazel mentors her Hazelnuts and helps people craft their ancestry in her popular workshops Writing a Non Boring Family History ,she s best known for the children s classic There s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Cake which inspired Hippo Hippo the, Musical produced by Garry Ginivan Celebrating 40th anniversary soon Final picture book in the cake eating hippo series is Ho Ho Ho There s a Hippopotamus on Our Roof Eating Christmas Cake Almost a Crime Kindle is her venture into adult mysteries Fake I.D a family history mystery YA novel has been translated into Tamil by Cre A in Chennai Hazel s 2001 Antarctic expedition inspired the young adult eco thriller Antarctica s Frozen Chosen , picture book Antarctic Dad just reprinted by Kipas and the memoir, Antarctic Writer on Ice But she also likes reading about Antarctica , as a hobby.Married, with two adult children , Hazel writes a new story for her three grandsons each birthday.

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