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Dragon Slayer Ingram Is A Coward And Weakling At Least According To His Father, The King, And The Royal Court He Cannot Use A Sword, He Faints At The Sight Of Blood, And Even His Brilliant Abilities As A Strategist Are Not Enough To Overcome His Failings When His Father Loses A Bet To The Notorious Lord Mallory Over The Matter Of A Dragon Slaying, He Pays His Debt By Ordering Ingram To Marry HimThen His Father Reveals That He Is Putting Ingram To A Greater Purpose, Giving Ingram One Last Chance To Prove He Is Not Worthless All It Requires Is Betraying His New Husband

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    This was a lovely story and I loved every minute of it First of all, it has forced marriage trope I liked that idea it was a

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    A wonderful tale of kings and princes and dragons lol.I really enjoyed this wonderful medieval tale From the first pages it kept me ho

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    This was quite a fabulous fantasy story about a Prince, Ingram, forced by his father to marry a dragon slayer, Mallory, who is the warden of the

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    Oh the intrigue and adventure, the secrets and plots, the lying But there was also the love and sweetness, the caring and adventure and dragons Ingram, hi

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    abandoned at 95 percent, because sometimes you can get over fade to black sex if there s a proper story going on, but not if the story makes hardly any sense and hi

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    Review posted at The Armchair Reader.I really have grown to love Isabella Carter s books So I was really excited for this one, which not only promises to be an in depth story

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    A sweet fantasy romance with enough real danger to keep it from being too much I really liked the main character, and seeing how he grew over the course of the story His love interest

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    This was a very enjoyable m m fantasy read about a prince who is shuffled off into a marriage to a Lord, under his jerky father s orders to act as a spy But poor Ingram soon realizes that everyt

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    NOOOOOOO too soon to end Nooooo MORE Ingram and Mallory were amazing Love Ingram, and hate how he was treated by his own father, the king To a fantasy book, it s a great mystery storyLove the mystery cues

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    4.2 stars As promised to my dear Vio, I took the plunge first with this one and thoroughly enjoyed it Before seeing Cole s review, I was not aware Dragon Slayer was the initial part of a series luckily, I was prepa

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