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Why Am I So Tired?: Is Your Thyroid Making You Ill? An Essential Guide To How An Underactive Thyroid Could Be The Root Of Your Health ProblemsWhy Am I So Tired Questions The Problems Associated With An Underactive Thyroid Mild Hypothyroidism Affects About % Of The Population, But Is Frequently Misdiagnosed Because The Symptoms Are Similar To That Of ME, Chronic Fatigue, Depression, And Menopausal SymptomsSymptoms Can Include Exhaustion Weight Gain Mental Fogginess Low Sex Drive Thinning Hair Dry Skin Poor Circulation Aching JointsWhy Am I So Tired Offers An Essential Guide To Discovering Whether An Underactive Thyroid Is At The Root Of Your Health Problems With An Easy To Follow Questionnaire, Case Studies And An Excellent Question And Answer Format The Book Includes What The Thyroid Is And How It Functions What Happens When It Is Underactive What Tests Your Should Ask Your Doctor For Simple Self Diagnosis Temperature Testing Where To Go For Help Other Illnesses Which Might Be Confused For Hypothyroidism Or Vice Versa How Nutrition And Naturopathic Remedies Help

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    In general the book was very interesting, but the author had the tendency to see a thyroid problem behind almost anything With that I don t mean that he s right, but the way it was portrayed one has to suspect hypo

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    this book has some great life saving advice thyroid is like slow cancer and without you realizing, it takes over your life this is the only book i have read on it and i dont feel like i need books.

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    This is a really good book it takes you through symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment With lots of case studies It gives different types of treatment not just drugs A really good starting point to get an understanding o

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