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Frost I Froze The First Boy I Ever Kissed And I Don T Mean He Got Cold Feet Megan Is Pretty Unhappy When She S Forced To Move To A Tiny, Freezing Town In Canada It S Going To Be Totally Boring, Right Things Heat Up When She Discovers That She Possesses A Growing Power That S Becoming And Difficult To Control Not Only That, But The Power Has Attracted Some Interesting People A Smouldering Young Man Who Claims To Be Her Rescuer, And His Icy But Attractive Enemy They Re Both Claiming To Be The Good Guy, So Who Exactly Is She Supposed To Trust Megan Finds Herself Embroiled In An Ancient Battle Between Two Kingdoms, Slowly Discovering An Identity She Never Knew She Had

About the Author: Erin Latimer

Erin Latimer was born and raised in Victoria, British Columbia She misses the beach She is fond of tea parties and extravagant masquerade balls.NOTE Currently, Threads and Frost are free to read on Wattpad.Free books on wattpad Blog

10 thoughts on “Frost

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    first off during this book i was like and now that it is over i am like buut over all I loved this book, hands down favorite so far Erin s style is awesome It just sucks you in.I couldn t pu

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    The book was truly an original idea, it came before Frozen did I liked the story, when Megan is kidnapped, I did find it hard to believe that her kidnappers were the good guys Then we met Loki and he

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    This book was awful Truly awful I got a over half way through before I DNF ed.

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    Really liked the idea behind that book but the execution was sloppy I should point out I read the free version on Wattpad I really wanted to finish it, but I just couldn t It d be interesting to see what was changed i

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    Jotun chronicles remind me of thermodynamics class _ It ignites your interest freezes time on wattpad Jotun chronicles remind me of thermodynamics class _ It ignites your interest freezes time on wattpad

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    DNF Just not for me right now I ve been reading this for too long It s not really a bad story I m just not in the mood for it Maybe I ll pick it up again some other time.

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    First off, I would like to point out I read the Wattpad version of Frost, so therefore am referring to that story when I discuss it Frost isn t a terrible read For the most part, it is engaging and keeps the reader asking for , but towards the

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    It was okay, I guess Reads like a typical YA book special heroine, fake love triangle, prophecy, magic, etc, etc Sometimes I liked Megan and sometimes I didn t.My problem, I think, was that it was so long that it became boring I remember losing interest

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    First off I love Norse mythology and especially anything having to do with Loki Frost was an incredible read, and made its own mark on the mythology Megan was one of the only female main characters I have ever liked All of her decisions made sense and fit her ch

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    I loved reading this book The author has a way with words, at times I was trying not to scream because of the foolishness of a character, yet other times I couldn t help but bite my nails in anticipation Personally, I loved the way in which the author based the story aro

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