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ZARIA オムニバス -緊縛- Read this on line, highly kinky yaoi, wish they wouldn t pixelate the best bits ZARIA WebComic ZARIA A Collection Of Two Bondage Themed One Shots By ZariaGenre S Hard Yaoi , Adult , Smut, Non Con, Bdsm The cover did it for me, that s the truth I could not help thinking the guy looked just like Riki from Ai No Kusabi, and any hardcore yaoi fan knows what s that all about The work was short, though, which was a shame, because no matter how great a little porny thing can be, it is the story and the characters that make me come undone Would have loved to know about the couple Still, a satisfying, kinky read, which is basically how about master and slave come together, are brought together by the same inclinations, even despite the protests , during the actual act It s all that thing about how the body never lies, even if the mouth is saying something else.It is about understanding what the other wants, and about offering Finding pleasure in shame has its perks, too, because in the end, it is about finding a sort of inner peace, like it is obvious in the case of the second couple presented.As always, count on Japanese manga to give you wet dreams and all that jazz. A quick manga of bondage and anal plundering The drawings are well done The story is straightforward and a teaser Not much sadism here despite what the characters state I think the version I read blurred out the sexual organs This version was a bit censored yet did not take away from the tasty sex. Absolutely adored the art, the story and the sex was hawt Read it many times over and would never ever get bored with it. OMG this book was leaking with smut, the front cover says it all No one does the hardcore stuff like Zaria This one contains bondage and BDSM. I really hate one shots. Amazing art hence 1 extra star , terrible plot First story is awful, 2nd story is incredible icky Yuck. sscsscsc

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